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TargetLess plugin

Jun 21, 2009 drazed link
email to me (drazed) at Thanks :)
Jul 01, 2009 look... no hands link
any chance you could scale up the image of the little pizza thing for the standing, and maybe massivly increase the contrast on it? may not look as pretty but it will be alot faster to read
Jul 02, 2009 drazed link
You could make your own contrasted (ugly) icons :) As for the scaling part, I'll look into that for all the faction icons.
Jul 04, 2009 look... no hands link
yea i tend to go for function over form, how would i go about making contrasted icons
Jul 05, 2009 drazed link
inside the targetless/ folder, you'll see a /images/ subfolder, in there you'll find smile/wheel folders containing images. Edit the images and restart vo (reload inteface won't update icons as they get loaded with textures, enable/disable texture compression might work to load while game is running).

Please not icons MUST be X*X pixels, like 8x8, 10x10, 16x16, 32x32, etc... Though they'll still showup ingame as the default size no matter which size you save as (at present). But different contrast (or entirely different icon set) might be more practical for what you want.

If you do make new icons please send them to me, if I like I will include in the next release :)
Jul 11, 2009 elvis777 link
Hey drazed

Ok, now in addition to the wheels and smileys not showing faction standing, it seems that TL resets itself. As I really don't notice the faction bar, sometimes it's there and sometimes seems to turn itself off, or default to the wheels and smiles which don't show up on my screen.
Any ideas?

Jul 12, 2009 drazed link
VO resets config.ini settings sometimes, when something is wrong or broken or who knows. Anyways, I will look into this and release a fix soon (probably not for a week or two, but will include other fun stuff too). Some more details might be useful, is it just the faction indicator that gets reset? or your binds and other options too?

Anyhow, thanks for reporting the issue. If anyone else has similar problems please post here so I know elvis is not alone.

As an aside, you are on windows XP SP3 right elvis? Would that be 32bit or 64bit? If anyone else on XP has problems with the faction icons not showing up please let me know.
Jul 31, 2009 Kierky link
Can we bring back where it displays yourself and your big3 standings and local above the targetlist?
Aug 01, 2009 drazed link
Yes. That is coming back soon(tm) :D
Aug 03, 2009 Kierky link
Aug 16, 2009 Maxiom link
Oh just to post about faction icon used being reset back to... in my case smilies from bars, it seems it happens every time I reboot and I am on linux
Aug 21, 2009 twist3r link
Hey there.
I'm having an issue with the plug-in, and been advised to mention it here.

Playing with 1920x1080 (16:9), targetLS itself will show fine, but it wil push the cargo/group frame too far to the left, displaying it outside the visible area.

To illustrate, i've uploaded a snapshot of it:

Anything i can do about that?
Thanks a lot.
Aug 22, 2009 drazed link
Interesting, seems I need to test with the 1080p hud settings? Your entire HUD looks icky (padded?), guessing your using that special hd setting they added a while back? You can try turning it off, I will see about fixing stuffs in the hd HUD soon(tm).

Also, for everyone that's been waiting for an update, next release should be around mid-september, RL has been busy :(
Aug 22, 2009 twist3r link
If you tell me what HD setting you mean, i'd love to try turning it off. :)

Edit: Oh, i just found out how to fix it.
I deactivated the "Center HUD to 4:3 region of screen" option in the HUD settings and now everything looks fine.
Though i do miss having all my info closer to the center... so if you ever find the time, although not an emergency, to fix that, it would be great.
Aug 23, 2009 drazed link
Yep twist3r, it's on my list of stuff to add for the next version ( ), in fact it's my next TODO so do expect it soon.

Also for everyone that's interested, I've started on the next version features already (selfinfo is now back in svn version, along with hud_toggle fix) and have cleaned up some of the targetless trac site (including new documentation and placeholders). If any of you use targetless extensively for mining and have adequate writing skills and are interested in helping document targetless mining features please contact me ( drazed [at] ), I could use some help :p
Aug 29, 2009 Impavid link
Hey Drazed,

I noticed that the bug we found sorts itself when you cycle the lists through once.


Give an option for a target to auto-unpin when it dies or leaves the sector, and maybe an option to designate certain targets to never unpin.

Awesome plugin, I wuvs it
Sep 07, 2009 Impavid link
Another feature request: Option to exclude group members from the targetlist.
Sep 08, 2009 skelbley08 link
I've noticed while using TargetLess for prospecting that it will repeat the "This asteroid has already been found to have the mineral" message probably 100 times, and it almost freezes up the client. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks, I love the plugin :-)
Sep 08, 2009 ladron link
Might I recommend that targetless be split into two separate plugins?

Ideally 'targetls' should deal only with making ships easier to target, while 'roidls' should deal with keeping track of asteroids, etc. Not only would the code be easier to maintain and manage as two separate plugins, but it would severely reduce the performance hit you take when using targetless with a large database of roids (especially if targetls and roidls could be independently switched off). Then development of the roidls could possible even be done by a separate person/team, which would help the development of both projects.
Sep 08, 2009 drazed link
skelbley08: this is a known issue, it's due to targetless cycling through roids (targetting them) to find distance to each (sadly it's the only way to do it at present). Thus targetless is not ideal for prospecting missions... you can switch to a different list type (ships, pvp, whatnot) and it will prevent the spam... I will see about fixing this (either by not showing distance when on prospecting mission, or suppressing those msg's) soon.

ladron: this is already planned to some extent. The lists will eventually be modular, and core targetless will only target ships (expansion modules will allow for targetting roids, cargo, groups, etc)... Sadly it's a fairly big project, and not planned for another 2 major version releases (not including minor versions), but it is coming soon(tm) :D

Right now if you don't have the roid list open it shouldn't affect the other lists, but I don't have time to extensively test the roid list functionality so I may be wrong.

Anyhow, new minor version (by minor I mean about half the planned functionality updates for 1.8) will be out next weekend most likely (as i'm out of town this week). Stay tuned :D