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TargetLess plugin

Nov 11, 2009 shlimazel link
When I say the level bar, I mean the bar that shows your progress in one of your license levels in the upper right hand corner of the hud. That bar was overlapped by the self health bar at one time when targetless seemed to be glitching on me. If I see it again I'll send you a picture of it. I only saw this happen about twice, and I have not seen very recently, so it's possible it was a one off.

If it helps you at all, I am running vo on an iBook 12" with OS 10.4.7. Also, thank you again for looking into the problem!
Nov 19, 2009 shlimazel link
I've been having a lot more trouble with TargetLS seems like it just randomly stops updating itself while I'm flying along. I was out mining yesterday, glanced at my targetless, and it was showing the scanned ore list from the last sector.

It's been cutting out on me easily within 10-30 minute of logging on, and relogging only helps for another 10-30 minutes. It's getting so bad I'm considering uninstalling it and looking for an older version.
Nov 19, 2009 diqrtvpe link
I've been having problems with it locking up on me in the latest update. I'll try to hit my next-in-list key, and nothing will happen. I can manually target things, but doing it via targetless doesn't work. Even resetting the custom keys doesn't fix the problem. It seems to go away after a relatively short time.

Also, occasionally I'll be unable to un-target a ship. I'll target someone, then hit target-nearest-hostile, and with no hostiles around I'll untarget everything. A second later, it re-targets the ship I just had targeted. Targeting an asteroid or other non-ship item makes it stop. I assume it has something to do with the occlusion code, just thought I should let you know it's been a bit buggy. Thanks for the update, other than that it's been cool!
Nov 19, 2009 drazed link
I believe I have resolved the "targetnext/targetprevious" issues, and will be posting an update this weekend for all to test. In the meantime I will try to find any ore-scanning related leaks and patch those up as well. Sorry for the technical difficulties everyone :p

As for the "unable to untarget" comments... that is indeed due to the occlusion/retargeting code... There is a bind in the /targetless config for a working /untarget, but I will do that properly and override the ingame untarget instead when I release patches this weekend.
Nov 19, 2009 shlimazel link
Thanks for looking into the bugs drazed!
Nov 25, 2009 peytros link
i like the smiley faces and all even though i make fun of them but adding a local designation would be nice as would an option to display letters i;e pos=p admire=a respect=r dislike=d hate=h kos=k
Nov 25, 2009 allaunx link
I'm a new player and I have a hard time visualizing how to auto-target certain asteroids. Could you post some how to screen shots? For example lets say there is a asteroid FAR FAR away from my scanning ability but i want to get to it with a arrow point the way, how would i do that?
Nov 26, 2009 maq link

To be exact you can only target stuff in range, if it's not, too bad.
Best you can do is move around the asteroid field trying to target that specific roid, if you happen to get in range you'll get it targetted.
Nov 26, 2009 drazed link
Peytros, just for you I will add text-string faction standing soon(tm).

Allaunx, as maq mentioned, can't due to limitations of what is accessible to plugins. I will eventually add a "roid trail" addon thingy that will aid in finding tasty rocks, but don't expect it too soon.

Everyone else, I know I said I would release some fixes last weekend, but RL has kind of kicked me a bit and I'm in the process of packing/moving, so the full update/fix will have to wait a couple weeks. In the meantime I'm putting out a version which should fix the targeting-delay issues, though I haven't really had time to test, enjoy :p I'm also putting the link to the older version "1.7.7" back on the trac in case anyone is having un-avoidable issues on the new one. Cheers.
Nov 26, 2009 raydeejay link
Hey drazed, I hacked 1.7.8 to add a roid merging option, should I post it somewhere or do you prefer to add it to your source?
Nov 26, 2009 drazed link
raydeejay, email me your hack ( drazed [at] gmail [dot] com ) and I'll see where I can put it :) Thanks.
Nov 28, 2009 Inco link
10 mins of testing and it is clear that the memory leak is still there. Reverting back.
Nov 28, 2009 raydeejay link
Let me know if you received the files, once you've unpacked and such, of course.
Jan 02, 2010 Death Fluffy link
Request: I would like to be able to exclude turrets from sector ship listing. Thx
Jan 05, 2010 drazed link
Death Fluffy: you'll probably have to wait till I finish up the dynamic-list-types stuff I've got in the secret lab. But you will get what you want eventually.

Everyone else, sorry for lack of updates... RL kicked me hard late last year and I'm still pulling out of it... Will be back to continue what I started, eventually ;)
Jan 10, 2010 Death Fluffy link
No hurry :)

Best wishes to you and everyone else who were hit by life in the last year.
Jul 05, 2010 drazed link

also, I've started adding some new bits and looking into finding any roid-list specific memory leaks.... So should have an updated version in a few weeks :D Any other bugs/requests/etc please do post here so I can remember to deal with them before release.

Jul 05, 2010 Goujian. link
Is there some way for you to be able to show which targets are in front of you and who is behind ?, say like a line dividing through the list at the point where they are either in front or behind.
i think it would help choose priority targets, knowing who is behind you for example. Keep the numbering selection the same.
if not then no worrys, its a great pluggin still :)

Edit* If this has already been suggested then forgive me.
Jul 07, 2010 drazed link
There is no way in the accessible bits of lua to determine if a target is in front or behind :(
Jul 07, 2010 Goujian. link
Can the radars not be used in some way ?
The radars kinda know theres someone/thing infront and behind.
Or is that more of a ship coordinate (/DisplayShipPos)game code'ing
type of thing rather than Lua ?
Sorry i know nothing about how Lua works,
so im probably just making wild assumptions.
But still if you say it cant be done, then i guess i shall
just cry myself to sleep over what could have been ...