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TargetLess plugin

Nov 18, 2011 Crusader8389 link
aww was hoping to get a plugin to do it for me :p

ya triangulation sounds like it would be a bit of a hairy programming job...
Jan 15, 2012 jasoncarreon6661 link
Doesn't seem to be working on my Acer tablet anymore, I can't swipe to scroll up or down or nothing, it doesn't respond
Jan 17, 2012 drazed link
I've confirmed the touch regions no longer work,my guess is due to the recent update that changed touch-region-release behaviour. I should have this sorted by the weekend, thanks for the report :-)
Jan 18, 2012 drazed link
Targetless android touch regions should be fixed in the latest release, 1.7.14. Please let me know if you still have any issues with touch on android tablets. Download at [] as usual, also updated top of this thread.
Jan 19, 2012 jasoncarreon6661 link
Works great now thank!

Doctor mcay,commander CBSM
Apr 16, 2012 Pizzasgood link
My cat discovered a (very minor) bug today. He stepped on the joystick button that was bound to /pin, while I was at the login page. This caused a lua error to pop up. According to the error message the offending line is plugins/targetless/lists/Controller.lua:414.
Jul 31, 2012 hammer head link
I just built a new computer and I'm trying to transfer my existing targetless data, but I can't seem to locate the data file.... Where is it, and/or what to I need to get all my info from one computer to another?
Aug 01, 2012 drazed link
The plugin code is under the Vendetta folder in plugins/
The roid info and other settings are stored in system notes, inside the Vendetta folder seperatly for each of your vo usernames under settings/username/system741937notes.txt

It should be safe to just copy over the entire plugins/ and settings/ folders within the Vendetta programe folder.

Hope that helps :)
Jul 30, 2013 raybondo link
Jul 30, 2013 drazed link
Targetless 1.7.15 released:

* re-aquire missle lock when entering/exiting a turret on your own ship
* fix crash on /targetless ui close after ReloadInterface() in station (thanks Chocolateer)

Minor update but more to coome soon(tm).

Thanks Ray for the resurrection!
Aug 01, 2013 vskye link
Thanks for the update drazed!
Aug 05, 2013 Kierky link
"* fix crash on /targetless ui close after ReloadInterface() in station (thanks Chocolateer)"

This used to crash my client on logout too.
Aug 05, 2013 idd link
Is this updated on the vo-wiki?
Aug 06, 2013 drazed link
The vo-wiki page points at so it is ALWAYS uptodate. However the vo-wiki description/text was out of date, and I just updated now. Thanks for the heads up idd :)
May 17, 2017 drazed link
Targetless 1.7.16 released:

* add goliath/capella to capship list
* fix HUD.Reload errors (thanks Ray for pointing these out)
* other minor fixes and prep-work for cell-based lists

More soon(tm)
May 20, 2017 drazed link
Targetless 1.7.17 released:

* fix for rays fix for my fix for HUD.Reload(), no uses new HUD_RELOADED event
* fix font-scaling consistency issue (min-size reduced for really large resolutions)
* include capship NAME in capship layout definition (these are now useful for player undocked capships)

If anyone has issues with the font-size changes and can't get a workable/nice solution using the /targetless -> Options -> Lists -> Font Size slider, please email me a screenshot and details on your screen-resolution and vo interface font scaling. Email to drazed at gmail.
Jun 02, 2017 CatLady_ link
I was person affected by the "font to small no matter is slider max to right" issue on 5 inch 1920x1080 device. Instead of pestering plugin creator, I dived in code for trivial fix:



targetless.ui.options.element.fontslider = iup.canvas{
scrollbar="HORIZONTAL", size="300x", border="YES",
xmin = 50, xmax=200, dx=10, posx=0,

Replace value of "xmax" to thing like 300 (or more, if needed). Save, start game - now you can use font slider in targetless options to change font for being as small or as big as you desire. Optimal size (just add big as possible to still have 4 digits distance fitting one line) on 1920x1080 is 136, BTW.

Hope it helps,
Jun 02, 2017 drazed link
Minor release coming tomorrow night! Will fix capship layout (especially for queens and levis) bugs, trim bugs, and font scale bugs plus increase the range of font scaling.

Also I setup a discord for targetless testing/updates, all are welcome:
Jul 14, 2017 drazed link
Minor release finally out:

* my-capship support (track and target your own capship with ease)
* base-font-size option (recommend leave this at default and just use scaling unless you have real trouble fitting things right with scaling))
* improved scaling/trimming logic
* ore out of range event as requested by @chocolateer
* increase shield/healthbar heights
* capship layout fixes (especially queen/levi duplicate names bug and fixed trimming to include entire calculated name string)
* bugfixes

For screenshots, download, and lots of additional yum! go to []
or download direct []
May 23, 2020 drazed link
After many many moons, another minor release finally out:

* roidlist target type bugfixes

download direct []