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TargetLess plugin

Jul 08, 2010 slime73 link
The only things we can do with radars are make new ones and change the size of the icons. I think they use mainly C++ instead of Lua (because it's faster I guess?)
Jul 08, 2010 drazed link
Yeah radar data is not accessible via lua :( You can set the friendly/hostile status of ship id's, which the radar picks up, but you cannot actually access the dots/data in radar directly :(
Jul 19, 2010 vnend link
When you select something 'out there', the radar display puts a ring around its dot.

Which of the two radar screens the circle gets drawn in would give the fore/aft info, if there was some way to snatch that information from the data stream coming into the game client/graphics engine.

But I can see how accessing it could be difficult or have a negative effect on game performance.
Jul 19, 2010 drazed link
Accessing it (from lua) is not possible. Believe me I've wanted to do this for a long time :(
Jul 23, 2010 drazed link
1.7.9 released
* address memory leak when selfinfo disabled.
* /unroid command added, target nearest unscanned roid (or show sector heuristics when none in radar range)
* other bug fixes and minor changes.

For screenshots, download, and lots of additional yum! go to []
or download direct []
Jul 23, 2010 vnend link
Um, did you intend to take away the ore content display from the upper right when you target a 'roid that is out of scanning range? Because that was a very useful feature. I would say that I am surprised how much I miss it, but I'm not. :-)

Otherwise, so far, so good...
Jul 23, 2010 drazed link
I did not take it away, and it shows up fine for me. If you had a much older version please note that info was moved into the targetinfo box (where players ship would normally be listed) above the targetless list instead of to the left of it. If you still don't see it please contact me ingame or IRC.

Jul 24, 2010 vskye link
Thanks drazed! Working fine here.
Jul 24, 2010 vskye link
Ok, one thing I notice is that if you use the "-" to toggle roid selection, it forces the player credits / mass/ cargo graphic on the left to push over two columns to the left so it isn't visible on you screen. I can send you a screen shot if you like. I still have your gmail address.
Jul 24, 2010 vnend link
It isn't completely missing for me. It shows up when I am *not* in the ore display, but did when I was viewing PvE. Then it hung with one report and didn't change the rest of the night.

I am also getting a lot of /lua errors, with pop ups (when I attempt to change the size of the text in the HUD) and even one complete lock-up (but not so complete that I wasn't able to bring up the console and reload the interface). I will send you a list of the other plug-ins I am running and general system info. If there is a way to get debugging info for you, let me know.

MacOS 10.6.4, MacBookPro 17, 4Gb RAM, VO running in window mode.

Thanks for the work! I tested the unroid option (I set it to 'p', for 'prospect') and it certainly works well, if a little slowly due to the 5 sec scanner sample rate. There are places where it is going to be a huge help.
Jul 24, 2010 drazed link
Vskye, please do email me

Vnend, what are the lua popup errors? You can find/copy them from errors.log
Jul 26, 2010 vskye link
drazed, sent.
Jul 26, 2010 tarenty link
Drazed, it seems whenever I target a player or NPC I cannot untarget them. It screws with cargolist and is a bit annoying. Is this supposed to happen?
Jul 26, 2010 drazed link
vskye, try lowering your font-size a bit in /targetless options. I'll see about testing/fixing that for all font sizes in a future version.

trenty, type /targetless and set the targetnone bind in controls section.

Cargolist might not be fully compatible with targetless, if you have other plugins that scan through RadarNext/RadarPrev let me know which ones when reporting bugs as they can mess with targetless pretty bad if they don't set the new api locks :(
Jul 26, 2010 vskye link
Well drazed, the font size adjustment would prolly work minus the fact that it's set to the lowest it can go. Oh well, thanks.
Jul 27, 2010 drazed link
Vskye, try playing with the font size in vo "interface" options screen as well as the /targetless options screen. You might be able to find a combo that works for now :)
Aug 09, 2010 AlistairG link
I have two characters each with a different roid map, is there a way to merge them? I've tried copying and pasting, and /importconfigroids(or whatever it said on the first page).
Aug 10, 2010 drazed link
AlistairG, currently there is no way to automatically merge character lists but I will add a way soon(tm) ;)
Oct 17, 2010 drazed link
1.7.11 released.

* hud-toggle no longer freezes the list.
* levi/queens flagged as capships once more.

Please report any bugs here.

For screenshots, download, and lots of additional yum! go to []
or download direct []
Oct 19, 2010 vskye link
Thanks drazed.