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TargetLess plugin

Sep 08, 2009 skelbley08 link
Okay. Thanks drazed :-)
Sep 26, 2009 FatStrat85 link
Now that asteroids block radar, as people fly past roids, you can easily lose a radar lock on them. Can you add a mode that will automatically reacquire a lock on a target after the lock has been lost once they become visible on radar again?
Sep 26, 2009 drazed link
Done. Will be in next release, which is already well overdue. Maybe this weekend even, either way very soon(tm) :D
Sep 26, 2009 FatStrat85 link
Awesome. Thanks, drazed.
Sep 27, 2009 skelbley08 link
So...with the planned removal of the sector list, what will that mean for TargetLS?
Sep 27, 2009 drazed link
I don't think it's fully planned yet, and if it is it would be on the soon(tm) time-scale so I think there's not much to worry about at this time. Will likely mean the sector-counts won't necessarily be true, might mean I'll need to change some minor bits, but I very much doubt it will obsolete things completely. Anyhow, guess there's no way to know for sure till it happens :p
Nov 04, 2009 drazed link
Well it's not 1.8 yet, but it's 1.7.8 so close enough :D

Download from as linked from the original post.

* ore targetting nextLS/prevLS max bug fix
* /clearpin command to clear the pin list
* enable/disable list types bug fixes
* move tls up when missiontimer/licensewatch/targetinifo (any of those) are disabled. Note this requires a restart or a ReloadInterface() after changing the settings
* CenterHUD to 4:3 region of screen should now be usable (note it will throw a lua error when you change/save the setting on/off, restart or ReloadInterface() to get it working after the change, I will fix the lua error in a future version but will likely still require the restart)
* selfinfo is back, enable in /targetless
* centerHUD info (selfinfo and targetinfo), this does not break customHUD plugin, both can be used in full or in parts.
* re-target. If you lose a target (either around a roid or due to radar range) and do not select another one, the lost target will be automatically re-acquired when it returns to radar range. Please note if another plugin scans radar targets passively it will prevent re-target from working, plugin authors should read to find out how to make their plugins play nice with re-target and other targetless radar related code.
* list order bind added, can be set in /targetless controls area or manually bound to /lssort. Will cycle sort order based on currently selected list (eg, ship lists will sort distance/faction/health, roids will sort by ore type).

Enjoy :D
Nov 04, 2009 Pointsman link
Nov 04, 2009 vskye link
Thanks for the update drazed!
Nov 06, 2009 Armonia link
im actually upset you put the re-acquisition of target in. whats the point of occlusion then? i like the fact that if i want to add strategy to my fight, i can. but, whatever, alot of people want this
Nov 06, 2009 rg10 link
upset? I don't think you get the whole concept of military technology. The point of occlusion, if it is based on EM reflectivity, is that it is realistic.
Nov 07, 2009 maq link
Point of occlusion is that people can't tell you are there when you are behind a roid.
Nov 07, 2009 Infinitis link
Do the nextLS / prevLS keys lag only for me?

TargetLS lags since the latest version. I do not know under what circumstances but it is sometimes pain to select a target from the list. Any ideas?

However, thank you for maintaining the most useful VO plugin!
Nov 07, 2009 shlimazel link
Love the retargeting feature, also love the fully functional centrally located target info box. Thanks dude!
Nov 08, 2009 Grob link
Excellent update drazed, thanks!
Nov 09, 2009 shlimazel link
Bug report;

At times my target list on the hud will lock up, and display whatever was in the last sector/whatever I last targeted. I believe it does this after death, usually.

Also the self health bar on the hud sometimes overlays the level bar, and targetless caused me to crash when it began to mess up on one occasion.
Nov 09, 2009 ladron link
I believe it does this after death, usually.

Workaround: Don't die.
Nov 09, 2009 shlimazel link
Just wanted to confirm that it's still doing this today. Haven't crashed, but I can also note that it doesn't only do this after death, sometimes it gets locked up entering wormholes, making jumps, etc. I'd be grateful if you could look into these problems when you have time, thank you.
Nov 10, 2009 drazed link
Infinitis: I think I've confirmed your delay issue with target next/previous, and I will get that fixed for this coming weekend.

shlimazel: I haven't died in a while, but changing sectors/systems hasn't cause any lock ups for me... I will look into this further though, and hopefully can also get it resolved for this coming weekend. As for the self-health bar overlaping the level bar... what level bar? :d If you can email a screenshot @ drazed [at] gmail [dot] com please I can also look into that...

Armonia: If I didn't do it someone else would, what's more some might do it but not release to the general public, thus giving themselves an advantage that you (or others) might not have. This would hardly be fair, better everyone that wants it gets it :) If you would like I can add an option to turn re-targetting on/off in the /targetless config area?

Everyone else, thanks for the feedback.
Nov 11, 2009 Infinitis link
Thank you drazed, thank you man for your great effort!

One more thing I have not addressed. I was not sure what causes it. I do not know it even now. I upgraded both, VO to .101 and TargetLS to the latest version. Since then, I am experiencing occasional client crashes. 1-2 a day. It could be caused by VO client, by TargetLS, ... by anything else. So I mean this just as a note, not a bug report. If there will be ten times the same, it is the plugin. If not, it is just me. :) I know, I had to downgrade TLS and check it with .101 ... do not kill me. :)