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TargetLess plugin

Mar 09, 2008 drazed link
Update to version 1.5.11.

-new health image, this was requested by the devs as the old health was a broken texture.
-placement options, preliminary and will change with feedback. To change placement type /targetls config
-fixed some bugs I don't think anyone new about that cause lua errors. If you had lua errors in the past for weird and strange and very rare reasons you shouldn't now.
-Moved the BS/HS info (based on placement options) so it's more visible.
-limit roidlist to 50 rocks per sector, sorry but this is necessary as saving too many per sector can break your config.ini file =(
-other minor tweaks =)

Enjoy everyone, and please update as the broken texture in the old version is throwing errors to the dev logs.

Download on page 1
Apr 22, 2008 Secret Agent Muska link
About the limit of 50 roids per sector. I can only hold 7 roids per sector.

Also, the text font does not change... I am using your newest version on Mac OS X. I can check if it does the same with 10.5 (i'm using 10.3.9 now), but, is there any fix? Or has something gone wrong?

Update: It works on the 10.5, but not the 10.3.9.

Second Update: OK. I downloaded the new version. Everything works on both computers now, except changing the font size, which is a real problem with the amount of roids in some sectors. Any help?
Apr 25, 2008 drazed link
I've experienced the same problems trying to change/scale the fonts on my macbook =( Try pressing escape then clicking the interface button and using the font-scaling, hope that works =)

And the limit of 50 should be what it is, is your listmax in targetLS config set to 7? If so you can only see 7 of the roids you have in this sector =) type '/targetls roids' to void and move your roids, so the best ones show up in each sector =)

Also, there is a new update coming soon =) I'll try to make it work better with macs now that I have one. You can check out early pics of the new version at

Enjoy =)
Apr 27, 2008 IonicSpartan link
Sweet. Please keep up the good work...
May 19, 2008 drazed link
Public beta now out, please post bugs here...

Download from
May 19, 2008 drazed link
oh, forgot to mention, you need to either delete or move your current targetLS folder out of the plugins folder if you have it installed or the beta won't work ;)
May 20, 2008 FatStrat85 link
Downloaded and installed the new beta. It's awesome. Thanks, drazed.
May 22, 2008 maq link
First, nice update.
Now, lets start complaining ;)
I don't like placement of the PDA button, it's in way too noticeable place (and this is good only until you configure it, after that not so.)
not to mention it moves the Launch button. I kept hitting options instead of it...
What would be best i think is a 'Plugins' section in options, so all plugins are in one obvious place and not be in the way. (not that targetless should add it, just saying.)
Another thing, regular font size is too small for me.

Also it's very much not obvious that clicking the title bar will close options dialog, it should have button called close.
Or maybe add small square button in top right with 'x' in it. >.>
May 25, 2008 drazed link
Thanks for the feedback maq =)

You can scale your fonts bigger from the interface options screen when you press escape. TargetLess only has the two font settings for now because I'm trying to support all resolutions, including 800x600 and high resolution... It's hard to get it to look great on all displays, if you can post (or e-mail me drazed [at] gmail [dot] com) a screenshot of how things look on your screen it would be most helpful as I'm limited in the setups I can test on =(

Anyhow, as for the button, I put it in a noticeable spot so people would find it easly... I know it moves the launch button, but you really would get use to that after a while ;) Anyhow, i'm open to suggestions of moving it and will look into it further =)

The title bar close button was left like that as a joke... It will be changed for final release to something more obvious =9
May 25, 2008 maq link
Well, regular size is damn small for me
it has to do with me having font scaling set to smallest value most likely. (big display...)
dump0008.jpg (that's regular size)
for me it'd be best to be able to specify absolute fontsize.

As for the button, i realize it's there to be noticable, but as i already said, you aren't likely to use it more then few times, set up what you like, try it change it and then never use it again.
If you really want to keep it there, add option to remove it.
And no, i won't get used to it i already got rid of it manually. ;)

Oh since i'm on annoyences, why does everyone have their plugin display name and/or help on load (and when using command to show config)? With few plugins is scrolls away too fast and noone is likely to notice and it's annoying if you reloadinterface :)
it's just spam in the end.
(another thing i have to edit out of all plugins >.>)
May 25, 2008 chana link
Drazed Targetless is really nice. is a good improvement. There is 1 thing the old one did that i would like to see in the new version. The old showed people even in stations, by the ship count. I never knew how much i depended on that to check for lurking Pie Rats.I now find myself using sector list as before. just a suggestion or maybe i have not set it up correctly.

May 26, 2008 ingoguy15 link
I like it, but what does each tab in the PvE list mean?

I mean the (0|0|0) thing.
May 26, 2008 drazed link
chana: thanks for noticing that, I'll fix it soon =)

ingoguy15: the PvE shows (Capships | bombers | all ships) in that order, eventually these will be fully configurable, but not this version. Anyhow, capships/bombers/allships is quite useful for the new BS, and also useful for HS =)
May 27, 2008 PsyRa link
Something I found useful in the plugin I am working on, is a way to bind a key to the configuration screen. Not sure if the amount of time a player is going to be in it makes it worth it, but I found it helpful to have a one click into the interface.

[code] I know it doesn't get formated correctly, sigh.

TargetControl.UserInterfaceInfo.element.OpenTargetControl = iup.text { value = "" .. TargetControl.var.OpenTargetControl, size = TargetControl.UserInterfaceInfo.element.BindBoxSize }

gkinterface.GKProcessCommand("alias OpenTargetControl".." \"TargetControl\"")
gkinterface.GKProcessCommand("bind \""..TargetControl.UserInterfaceInfo.element.OpenTargetControl.value.."\" TargetControl")

RegisterUserCommand("TargetControl",function(data, args) TargetControl.UserCommand(args) end)


May 27, 2008 blacknet link
what's wrong with this?

alias Targetls.config 'targetless config'
bind 'key' Targetls.config
May 27, 2008 PsyRa link
Nothing, but not as user friendly for people who don't know how to use binds.

Putting the bind control in with the rest of the configuration settings is more accessible to the common player, and lets them pick the key they want to use rather than just hard coding it.
Jun 15, 2008 maq link
Got interesting idea.
Selecting people with numbers over 10 is pain in the ass right?
So how about double-press will select numbers 11-20
and triple-press 21-30
as in: pressing 5 twice would select 15, 2 three times - 22 etc.

On second thougth i think other plugin for this would be better. (wrote it: it's in my plugins thread if anyone wants it)
Jun 29, 2008 drazed link
maq: I like the idea. But I was intending to make the lists scrollable or paged in a future version. That would let you select any targets. For # key selection this could work great with paging though and make targeting really fast.
Jun 29, 2008 drazed link
TargetLess 1.6.0 is now available. Minor changes since beta, mostly bug fixes.

Download, screenshots, instructions, etc... all available in one place at:

The top post of this thread has been updated to point to that location, 1.5 is officially over.
Jun 29, 2008 MC1171611 link
Awesome plugin...and I like the PDA button; very useful for miners.