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TargetLess plugin

Oct 04, 2020 SkinWalker link
It seemed to work fine for me with a couple noted exceptions.

If I jumped into either a hulk sector or that sector with the thousands of roids in Bractus or (especially) in an Unrat Trident/Connie sector, my game would freeze for 30-60 seconds. And then lag severely. It was as if something was trying to keep track of every single object in the sector.

I narrowed it down to targetless from two different directions. First, I removed targetless, and experienced no problems. Then I loaded targetless back and started removing other plugins in groups of 3 or so. Then I removed targetless again.

The only plugin that had any positive effect for removal was Targetless. I went backward to the previous version and that's what I'm using now. No probs.

I know I shared that with Drazed in-game (I think), but I figured I'd post it here as well in case there are others dealing with it too.