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TargetLess plugin

Oct 04, 2020 SkinWalker link
It seemed to work fine for me with a couple noted exceptions.

If I jumped into either a hulk sector or that sector with the thousands of roids in Bractus or (especially) in an Unrat Trident/Connie sector, my game would freeze for 30-60 seconds. And then lag severely. It was as if something was trying to keep track of every single object in the sector.

I narrowed it down to targetless from two different directions. First, I removed targetless, and experienced no problems. Then I loaded targetless back and started removing other plugins in groups of 3 or so. Then I removed targetless again.

The only plugin that had any positive effect for removal was Targetless. I went backward to the previous version and that's what I'm using now. No probs.

I know I shared that with Drazed in-game (I think), but I figured I'd post it here as well in case there are others dealing with it too.
Nov 17, 2020 Zylx link
First I just wanted to say thank you drazed for all your work on this crucial plug-in. This is one plug-in I wouldn't want to play without.

I have no issues with the new version but I do have a suggestion. What about adding a another list for cargo? Looking for the cargo I want is an extreme annoyance for me often I end up skipping some without realizing it. For some reason the Next Cargo bind never works right, it only selects the nearest cargo. I can't cycle forward, only back. It would be so awesome to have a target list category for cargo showing the name of the item, how many and the distance similar to roids or ships and be able to cycle through them using the targetless key binds. It would make finding cargo so much easier.
Apr 23, 2021 ScotiaKnight link
it seems when one switches to roid view then targets a player the distance gauges break completely for asteroids until you dock/undock.