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TargetLess plugin

Aug 25, 2007 drazed link
Last Update: July 14th, 2017

TargetLess v1.7.18

Advanced targetting plugin for Vendetta-Online. Provides a HUD display with multi-target details, and lets you quickselect targets (player/npc/asteroids) with key binds.

For android, swipe list up/down to change targets (next/prev), swipe list left/right to change lists (next/prev), or tap to pin/unpin.

For screenshots, download, and lots of additional yum! go to []
or download direct []
Aug 25, 2007 tumblemonster link
REALLY f***ing sweet!!!
Aug 26, 2007 Syylk link
It's a very interesting plugin.

An addition I'd like is registering a command "SelectNextInList", which would be ideally binded to a close-reach key, for quick scanning of the list.
Aug 26, 2007 Ion link
Amazing, drazed. I've been looking for this functionality since the new HUD was introduced (for the sole reason that I didn't think of it before), and here it is! I consider this plugin the single most important player-made addition to VO (yes, including the excellent MakeFriends). My heartfelt (which admittedly does not mean much, considering that my heart is shriveled and cold and well-adapted to survival within the Union) thanks!

A question, though: I am a very well-endowed player, and my... hrm, screen area is *very* large. Would it be possible for me to use all this free space to situate the selfinfo box beneath the weapons loadout info box? Or, better yet, move the weapons info box down, and put the selfinfo box above it. I've been trying tyo do this myself by hacking your files, but so far, the files are winning.

Another one, as well: While I like the minimal look and feel of the target list, would it be possible to make (optional) graphics for the target list that makes it go better together with the rest of the HUD? (Though with the size of the list, this could prove to be extremely impractical, I realize.)
Aug 26, 2007 drazed link
Ion: I will be adding some additional placement options in the next version. I tried to make this first one usable on all monitor sizes. =) If it really bothers you now contact me ingame and I'll tell you how to change it.

Syylk: I have had several requests for target[next/previous]inlist. I will defiantly add this for you. Till I have time to do this you can try the VO builtin RadarNextNearestEnemy and RadarPrevNearestEnemy.
Aug 26, 2007 Syylk link
I'd love to move the frames around, too. And to reduce the list font size.

About the command to scan the list, it could be useful not only for enemies, but, for example, to see where the various racers are in a Tube Race: I have the problem of identifying which dot is which racer, when I host the events, and this plugin will help me IMMENSELY.
Aug 26, 2007 FatStrat85 link
This is very very cool.
Aug 28, 2007 drazed link
Updated to version 1.1. Added some user requested features, as well as some of my own. Enjoy.
Aug 28, 2007 drazed link
Opps... update again to v1.2... this one is actually fixed and doesn't have the faction sorting lua errors =9
Aug 30, 2007 Ion link
Wonderful. I see the mod are still in the adding-useful-and-missing-features phase, and has yet to start that long walk down that sad road to add-whatever-I-can-think-of-to-keep-interest-alive...

Uhm, I think I'm trying to say that good update, man, keep it up! ;-)
Aug 31, 2007 drazed link
The devs broke stuff... I fixed it =)

Also I added some new stuff to go along with the fixes...

1.3 Changelog:
- Added font size to the config (3 settings, let me know if you need more)
- Snappier response. When you select a target or change settings the list updates immediately instead of waiting for the next refresh.
- Target Quick select should work much faster in all sectors (even with lots of players/roids/cargo).
- Removed Shiptype from self info... since you already know what ship you have ;)
- cleaned up some of the code, hopefully to make things run a little faster.
- Updated to work with lua 5.1 (as the devs updated vo)

Sorry no new placement options yet... but I needed something to do for the next version ;)
Sep 01, 2007 Ion link
Works wonderfully. Thanks!
Sep 03, 2007 Aramarth link
running OSX
My font size doesn't change...
Sep 03, 2007 drazed link
The font issue seems to be a VO bug... if anyone else experiences this please let me know so I can figure out what's causing it.

On a side note, update to v1.3.1, same download link, just some minor bug fixes (unselect updates immediately, wheel only scrolls through listmax size).
Sep 03, 2007 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Drazed, are you calling iup.Refresh after changing your font sizes?
Sep 03, 2007 drazed link
I call iup refresh every time I update the list, so yes...

And, changing the fonts works for me (on linux) and for Omega0 (confirmed on OSX)...

Additionally, I got Aramarth to send me some screenshots, and when he changes font-scaling in interface config it does not change the fonts in my plugin, it also does not change his font sizes in the target info box.... Even with no plugins loaded font scaling does not change his font size in target info box.
Sep 15, 2007 FatStrat85 link
I have a few suggestions, drazed. Can you add a health bar as an option instead of the % readout? Also, instead of the faces or letters representing standing, can you just add a colored dot that is colored in relation to your own nation, just like on radar?
Sep 17, 2007 mdaniel link
Does not seem to work properly for me. It does not show players in sector and those in range are grayed out, I can never figure out why that is.
Sep 17, 2007 drazed link
FatStrat... I will be adding graphical bar/smiley options in a future version. This will require considerable work and I plan to add other features first so don't expect it soon(tm).

mdaniel... Players should be grayed out, the only player that gets highlighted in white is the currently selected target. Additionally only players in radar range will show up on the list. Have you tried using "/targetls config" to set your quick-select binds and list-size options?
Sep 18, 2007 csgno1 link
I love this plugin. One suggestion. When you update the first message in this thread with info on new versions can you include the release date of the current version so I have an idea if I'm up to date or not?

Yes I know it's always about ME!

Thank you for the work you've put into this.