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Jul 11, 2004 Eldrad link
This came up in another thread. This alias will take a picture of your screen without your hud or log (which will come back 1 second after the picture, which will probably be before your screen refreshes since dumps take cpu time).

/alias ccam "hudtoggle; hidelog; dump; wait 1 'hudtoggle; hidelog'"

Mostly cause I like bumps to this thread that actually have a point greater than bumping.
Jul 12, 2004 roguelazer link
---MY BINDS FOR 3.5---

alias ebrake0 "+Decelerate 0 ; +Brakes 0 ; alias brakethis ebrake1 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes OFF'"
alias ebrake1 "+Decelerate ; +Brakes ; +Turbo 0 ; alias brakethis ebrake0 ; echo 'Emergency Brakes ON'"
alias brakethis ebrake1
alias cr-4 "set controlresponse 2.00; alias cr cr-3; echo '200% dampers'"
alias cr-3 "set controlresponse 1.50; alias cr cr-2; echo '150% dampers'"
alias cr-2 "set controlresponse 1.40; alias cr cr-1; echo '140% dampers'"
alias cr-1 "set controlresponse 1.25; alias cr cr0; echo '125% dampers'"
alias cr0 "set controlresponse 1.00; alias cr cr1; echo '100% dampers'"
alias cr1 "set controlresponse 0.75; alias cr cr2; echo '75% dampers'"
alias cr2 "set controlresponse 0.50; alias cr cr3; echo '50% dampers'"
alias cr3 "set controlresponse 0.25; alias cr cr4; echo '25% dampers'"
alias cr4 "set controlresponse 0.10; alias cr cr-4; echo '10% dampers'"
alias cr "cr1"
alias dumpkey "hudtoggle; hidelog; dump; wait 1 'hudtoggle; hidelog'"
alias toline "l1"
alias l2 "query video polygonmode; alias toline l1; echo 'Polymode'"
alias l1 "query video linemode; alias toline l2; echo 'Linemode'"
alias zoom13 "set fov .3854; alias zoomOut zoom12; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom12 "set fov .5781; alias zoomOut zoom11; alias zoomIn zoom13"
alias zoom11 "set fov .8671; alias zoomOut zoom10; alias zoomIn zoom12"
alias zoom10 "set fov 1.3001; alias zoomOut zoom9; alias zoomIn zoom11"
alias zoom9 "set fov 1.9509; alias zoomOut zoom8; alias zoomIn zoom10"
alias zoom8 "set fov 2.9264; alias zoomOut zoom7; alias zoomIn zoom9"
alias zoom7 "set fov 4.3896; alias zoomOut zoom6; alias zoomIn zoom8"
alias zoom6 "set fov 6.5844; alias zoomOut zoom5; alias zoomIn zoom7"
alias zoom5 "set fov 9.8765; alias zoomOut zoom4; alias zoomIn zoom6"
alias zoom4 "set fov 14.8148; alias zoomOut zoom3; alias zoomIn zoom5"
alias zoom3 "set fov 22.2222; alias zoomOut zoom2; alias zoomIn zoom4"
alias zoom2 "set fov 33.3333; alias zoomOut zoom1; alias zoomIn zoom3"
alias zoom1 "set fov 50; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom2"
alias zoomMin "set fov 75; alias zoomOut zoomMin; alias zoomIn zoom1"
alias zoomOut "zoomMin"
alias zoomIn "zoom1"
alias aim1 "set autoaim 0; alias aim aim2; echo 'auto aim OFF'"
alias aim2 "set autoaim 1; alias aim aim1; echo 'auto aim ON'"
alias aim "aim1"
alias msnkey "mission 1; prompt '/mission'"
alias turbokey "+Turbo"

bind MWHEELUP zoomIn
bind MWHEELDOWN zoomOut
bind MMBUTTON zoomMin
bind F12 dumpkey
bind "/" aim
bind "J" Jettison
bind "B" turbokey
bind "j" hudmode
bind "m" msnkey
bind "." toline
bind "," cr
bind "z" brakethis

Just copy that whole thing into your wgaf.cfg file and you're set. :D
Jul 12, 2004 harvestmouse link
*pss rogue, remember to cite sources!
Aug 02, 2004 Forum Moderator link
It's SO good that I'm saving it for posterity...and this thread has gone off topic.

Aug 02, 2004 a1k0n link
[deleted some awesome bump messages, sorry everyone]
[unlocked again]
Aug 09, 2004 Sally Ride link
This has been discussed in game, but I always miss it somehow. Is there a bind for toggling between the mission and general tab in flight mode?
Aug 09, 2004 silentsuicide link
alias tab1 'activatechattab 0'
alias tab2 'activatechattab 1'
bind key tab1
bind key tab2

or you can set the button in options, controls, at the very bottom.
Aug 10, 2004 MonkRX link
Change HUD Size:

(Ray said:)

Here is a way to change the size of the HUD.

set rHUDxscale 1024
set rHUDyscale 768

will make the HUD small.
It is default to 640x480.
Setting it to the same as your game resolution will make it line up pixel-for-pixel.

Aug 10, 2004 Arolte link
That's awesome. Good find!
Aug 10, 2004 Celkan link
>alias tab1 'activatechattab 0'
>alias tab2 'activatechattab 1'
>bind key tab1
>bind key tab2

>or you can set the button in options, controls, at the very bottom.

Or you can make a toggle, and save keyboard space.

alias chattab1 "activatechattab 1; alias chattabtog 'chattab0'"
alias chattab0 "activatechattab 0; alias chattabtog 'chattab1'"
alias chattabtog "chattab1"
bind key chattabtog
Aug 13, 2004 paedric link
Re: HUD scale....

800x600 seems to give the best balance between playability and visability. With 1024x768 the HUD is REALLY small and chat is very hard to read.
Aug 21, 2004 AlienB link
aint too bad.
Aug 22, 2004 roguelazer link
I can't read the radar at 1024x768 properly.
Aug 29, 2004 Tertior link
alias ha$ "say what u want"
bind "$" ha$
Aug 31, 2004 Durgia link
you should be able to make that screen size thing better with a /prompt. Then you could just bring up the input box and input what you want.

Might not work but its worth a try.
Sep 01, 2004 Celkan link
alias hudrescale "hudx; wait 10 'hudy'" *
alias hudx "prompt '/set rHUDxscale'"
alias hudy "prompt '/set rHUDyscale'"
bind "key" hudrescale

*I don't know whether you need to set a delay or not.

I suggest doing the first line like this first to see if not:
alias hudrescale "hudx; hudy"
Sep 03, 2004 Eldrad link
"hudx; hudy" would only exicute hudy, unfortunately. Also if you take less than 10 seconds to enter the prompt it'll cause problems.
Sep 04, 2004 Celkan link
Then make it a sufficient amount of time... say 30 seconds?
Oct 06, 2004 IRS link
Gentlemen, BEHOLD! I give you... A jukebox!

As you might have guessed, this mess lets you play any music in the game (last I checked). Nothing too fancy, just binds < and > to scroll through the available musics. The names are plucked out of my imagination- change them as you see fit. I suppose that a1k0n would have the final say on most names should the almighty deem these choices unworthy, and you can always just remove the echo commands if you want to jam blind.

alias musPrior "mus14"
alias musNext "mus16"
alias mus17 "alias musNext mus1; alias musPrior mus16; playmusic 'music/menu.ogg'; echo 'Now: Choose Your Destiny'"
alias mus16 "alias musNext mus17; alias musPrior mus15; playmusic 'music/stargazing_4.ogg'; echo 'Now: Seek the Farthest Star'"
alias mus15 "alias musNext mus16; alias musPrior mus14; playmusic 'music/j_theme.ogg'; echo 'Now: J Theme'"
alias mus14 "alias musNext mus15; alias musPrior mus13; playmusic 'music/serco_newbie.ogg'; echo 'Now: Junior Warrior'"
alias mus13 "alias musNext mus14; alias musPrior mus12; playmusic 'music/serco_home.ogg'; echo 'Now: Barracks Song'"
alias mus12 "alias musNext mus13; alias musPrior mus11; playmusic 'music/serco_distant.ogg'; echo 'Now: Distant Patrol'"
alias mus11 "alias musNext mus12; alias musPrior mus10; playmusic 'music/serco_battle.ogg'; echo 'Now: For Honor and Glory!'"
alias mus10 "alias musNext mus11; alias musPrior mus9; playmusic 'music/nt_newbie.ogg'; echo 'Now: Junkheap'"
alias mus9 "alias musNext mus10; alias musPrior mus8; playmusic 'music/nt_home.ogg'; echo 'Now: Widget Makers'"
alias mus8 "alias musNext mus9; alias musPrior mus7; playmusic 'music/nt_distant.ogg'; echo 'Now: The Trade Lanes'"
alias mus7 "alias musNext mus8; alias musPrior mus6; playmusic 'music/nt_battle.ogg'; echo 'Now: Jury-Rigged Weapons'"
alias mus6 "alias musNext mus7; alias musPrior mus5; playmusic 'music/itani_newbie.ogg'; echo 'Now: Initiate'"
alias mus5 "alias musNext mus6; alias musPrior mus4; playmusic 'music/itani_home.ogg'; echo 'Now: Place of Reflection'"
alias mus4 "alias musNext mus5; alias musPrior mus3; playmusic 'music/itani_distant.ogg'; echo 'Now: Seeking Knowledge'"
alias mus3 "alias musNext mus4; alias musPrior mus2; playmusic 'music/itani_battle.ogg'; echo 'Now: No Alternative'"
alias mus2 "alias musNext mus3; alias musPrior mus1; playmusic 'music/ambient_2.ogg'; echo 'Now: Depths of Space'"
alias mus1 "alias musNext mus2; alias musPrior mus17; playmusic 'music/ambient_1.ogg'; echo 'Now: Around the Distant World'"
bind "<" musPrior
bind ">" musNext
Oct 08, 2004 Margoe link
Well, i tried to found some variables like %target% to make a message for sending to a special channel where i am with one button like "echo Pirate %target% at %system_name%,%sector%".

But all variables i tried dont work, so can one of the dev would so kind to tell me what are the right variables for it, many thx.