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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Feb 03, 2004 yjia2 link
you confuse me... i also got a little toggling bind to another key though
Feb 03, 2004 Eldrad link
yjia2, what you wrote doesn't work at all. First you got the systax for wait wrong, it's wait # "command(s)" example:
"wait 1 'echo 2'; echo 1"
would first say 1 then a second later say 2.

Second off when ever you stop shooting you will end up toggling your frame rate, try replacing toggleframerate with '+shoot1 0; +shoot2 0' and/or 'echo Off' for a cleaner result.
Feb 03, 2004 yjia2 link
well excuse me there i didnt know how wait was supposed to work.

and can you do wait 1.5? i mean the minimum is 1 right? but is the increment also 1?

okay how's this look? also i have a toggle button.

alias Fire1 "+shoot1; wait 1 '+shoot1 0'"
alias Fire2 "+shoot2; wait 1 '+shoot2 0'"
alias FireLoop "wait 1 'fire1'; wait 2 'fire2'; wait 3 'FireLoop'"
alias +FireAlt "alias FireLoop 'wait 1 fire1; wait 1 fire2; wait 3 FireLoop'; fireloop"
alias -FireAlt "alias FireLoop '+shoot3 0'"
bind LMButton +FireAlt
alias echoFAOff echo "Auto Alternate Fire Mode On"
alias echoFAOn echo "Auto Alternate Fire Mode Off"
alias ToggleFireAlt "bind LMButton +FireAlt; echoFAOff; bind MMButton ToggleFireAlt2"
alias ToggleFireAlt2 "bind LMButton +Shoot2; echoFAOn; bind MMButton ToggleFireAlt"
bind MMButton ToggleFireAlt
Feb 03, 2004 Eldrad link
Sorry I didn't mean to come off as demeaning. I was trying to be helpful but the "doesn't work at all" wasn't well said.
Feb 03, 2004 yjia2 link
oh btw i made a working version where it offsets a little bit so it seems to be firing 1 stream of tacyons twice as fast instead of 2 slower ones, problem with that is you had to keep it on for 1.5 seconds or one gun will get stuck on... and there's a 1.5 second start up time, effectively making it useless
Feb 05, 2004 Morbidly Wrong link
wow... this seems increadibly complicated... i'll just use the default setup and be happy...

alias YourCrazy "+AllOfYou; wait... no, your crazy"

Feb 08, 2004 RelayeR link
Where and by what name is the file to modify on a Mac? OR, do I do the modifications through the console??
Feb 08, 2004 taumuaddib link
control-click vendetta and choose "show package contents" from the menu. It will be inside the folder in there. Just open it up in some text editor and there ya go!

Feb 08, 2004 Eldrad link
Relayer, follow taumuaddib's instructions and the file's name is wgaf.cfg

you can also use the terminal
emacs wgaf.cfg

where pathname is the path to your vendetta icon.
Feb 08, 2004 RelayeR link
Eldrad/Roguelazer (theif) I entered the variable zoom into my wgaf.cfg file and saved. I then tried to use it and it didn't work. I looked in controls and MMWHEEL was bound to shoot3 so I changed it. I then tried it again and it didn't work. I went back into the wgaf.cfg file and everything I pasted in was gone. O.o

Any suggestions?
Feb 09, 2004 Eldrad link
The file loads when you run Vendetta, and is overwritten when you quit. So make sure vendetta isn't running when you make the changes or they might be undone. The other thing is that the file reverses the aliases every time this happens, so if you put them at the top of the file they may be near the end next time. MMBUTTON is probably the same as MMWHEEL, the middle mouse button. You want to bind MWHEELUP and MWHEELDOWN.
Feb 09, 2004 RelayeR link
MMBUTTON should be clicking the wheel where MWHEELUP and MWHEELDOWN would be rotating it forward and back.
Feb 09, 2004 Eldrad link
ya, but what's the MMWHEEL that you were talking about?
Feb 09, 2004 mcnut link
I'd like a script that auto /ignores anyone who talks :)

can anyone think of how to write one?

Feb 10, 2004 RelayeR link

/bind F4 hidelog

Feb 11, 2004 roguelazer link
*bump for n00bs*
Feb 11, 2004 RelayeR link
Eldrad: "ya, but what's the MMWHEEL that you were talking about?"

I'm sorry, Eldrad, that was a typo...MWHEEL. I got it confused with MMBUTTON. (blush)

For Eldrad and Roguelazer: /me LOVES his variable zoom! Thank you!
Feb 17, 2004 roguelazer link
Bump because Eldrad forgot some in his summary (eg: my enhanced dampers bind).

Oh, and I believe this one belongs to FiReMaGe:

alias IncLog ""
alias DecLog "l5"
alias Message "say"
alias l1 "Log1; alias IncLog l2; alias DecLog ''; alias Message say"
alias l2 "Log2; alias IncLog l3; alias DecLog l1; alias Message say"
alias l3 "Log3; alias IncLog l4; alias DecLog l2; alias Message say_group"
alias l4 "Log4; alias IncLog l5; alias DecLog l3; alias Message say_team"
alias l5 "Log5; alias IncLog l6; alias DecLog l4; alias Message say_sector"
alias l6 "Log6; alias IncLog ''; alias DecLog l5; alias Message say"

bind F5 l1
bind F6 l2
bind F7 l3
bind F8 l4
bind F9 l5
bind F10 l6
bind t Message
bind Y IncLog
bind y DecLog

This bind does two things. Firstly, it lets you scroll through the tabs in MultiLog mode. Secondly, it means that (for tabs 3 through 6), when you press t, it sends your text to the currently viewed log.
Feb 20, 2004 ruskie link
//me thinks this needs a *bump*
Feb 20, 2004 Cam link
are there aliases for turn speed, like the rotation speed?