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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Feb 22, 2009 maq link
My turbo lock alias still works.

btw here's another version that should also be fine:

tho what you have should still work (but i'd still get the above)
Nov 15, 2009 genka link
Hello, someone mentioned chainfire stuff ingame, so I thought I'd repost my crazy-chain plugin somewhere where it won't dissapear. I think it still works.
Here's the pastebin. Just copy-paste the contents into a text file, name it "main.lua" and move it into a cleverly titled folder inside the "plugins" folder.
Once it's loaded, open up the console and type in /lua Game.chain.ui.dlg:show()

There's a help button from there on.
Nov 16, 2009 PolarBear link
I'm trying to set up a chain fire for my three mkIII neuts on my Valk which have a 0.14 delay. I've stared at the chainfire bind on the wiki trying to make heads or tails of what does what and make a trimmed down simplified version. I don't need anything so feature full. Any way what I have so far is:

alias ChainGun "alias fire2 '+Shoot2; wait 0.05 fire3'; alias fire3 '+Shoot3; wait 0.05 fire1'; alias fire1 '+Shoot1; wait 0.05 fire2'"
alias stopfire "alias fire1 ' '; alias fire2 ' '; alias fire3 ' '; +Shoot1 0; +Shoot2 0; +Shoot3 0"
alias chainFire "alias +primaryfire ChainGun; alias -primaryfire stopfire"
I've pasted that into the wgaf.cfg file and saved it. Then in game I did the /lua ReloadInterface() in the console.

and when I try /bind "JOY1BUTTON0" chainFire

I get no such command 'chainFire'

Even after quitting and relaunching VO I still get the same result. It's probably something stupid. Can any one see what's wrong with this? Probably obvious to every one but me. lol
Nov 17, 2009 PolarBear link
Also, Is there a plugin or a bind that auto-homes every time I dock at a station?
Apr 10, 2010 tarenty link
/alias hail1001 "msg %target% 'Random Hail here'"
/bind "Key of your choosing" hail1001

Extremely easy way to make your own hail. Change hail1001 to hail1002, hail1003, hail1004, etc, etc for more hails.
May 06, 2010 tarenty link
/alias tc55 "alias tc552 '+turbo 0;wait .108 tc55';+turbo;wait .99 tc552"

/alias tc60 "alias tc602 '+turbo 0;wait .2 tc60';+turbo;wait .98 tc602"

/alias tcstop "alias tc552 '';alias tc602 '';echo 'All TurboConstant aliases disabled. Press Tab to return to normal flight.'" **

/tc60 - infiniturbos ships with 60 energy/sec turbo. On a hog4, I was able to go ~140m/s min, ~190m/s max, keeping above 200 on a fast charge cell. The hog was armed with a gat and suns, to replicate weapon weight.

/tc55 - infiniturbos ships with a 55 energy/sec turbo. On a hog3, I was able to go ~160m/s min, ~200m/s max, keeping above 220 on a fast charge cell. The hog was armed with a megaposi and neut2, to replicate weapon weight.

These binds are useful for infiniturboing efficiently, and still having enough energy to quickly type the stop command and jump through a wh/spin around and shoot.

**Note: The stop command only works if you type it while turboing. The stop command itself rewrites the tc552 and tc602 to do nothing, and the first command writes the tc552 or tc602 to rest, set the timer for loop. When you type the stop command while resting, the timer for the loop is already set.
Nov 25, 2010 Earthshine link
Weapon Safety
I accidentally rocketed a station guard while docking today. Hair triggers are nice, but easy to bump. This should solve that problem.
This bind assumes default firing keys. If you've changed them, you will need to change the bind.

alias safety safetyON
alias safetyON "alias safety safetyOFF; bind c ''; bind v ''; bind RMBUTTON ''; bind LMBUTTON ''; bind MMBUTTON ''; echo [][] Weapon Safety Engaged [][]"
alias safetyOFF "alias safety safetyON; bind c +shoot1; bind v +shoot3; bind RMBUTTON +shoot1; bind LMBUTTON +shoot2; bind MMBUTTON +shoot3; echo [][] Weapon Safety Disengaged [][]"
bind "B" safety

cyclic hail
Just something I whipped up real quick... I was having trouble coming up with a single hail to use, and wanted some variety... with this bind, you can set as many different hails as you want to one key, and it will cycle through them. The block below contains five hails, but you can make more by simply extrapolating out to chail6, 7, etc... last one resets back to chail1. Simply replace some of videogaming's best one-liners with your own custom hails..

alias chail chail1
alias chail1 "alias chail chail2; msg %target% It HURTS to be YOU!"
alias chail2 "alias chail chail3; msg %target% Your face, your ass, what's the difference?"
alias chail3 "alias chail chail4; msg %target% It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all outta gum."
alias chail4 "alias chail chail5; msg %target% I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck!"
alias chail5 "alias chail chail1; msg %target% Hail to the King, baby!"
bind "H" chail

Roidscan toggle
I use this for prospecting in conjunction with the Targetless plugin. Saves a ton of time. Adv Scanner and fast ship recommended.

alias roidscan2 "wait 1 'roidscan1'; unroid"
alias roidscanoff "alias roidscan1 'echo Roid Scanning Disabled'; alias roidscan roidscanon"
alias roidscanon "alias roidscan1 roidscan2; echo 'Roid Scanning Enabled'; roidscan1; alias roidscan roidscanoff"
alias roidscan roidscanon
bind "L" roidscan
Mar 27, 2011 Aellis link
There's not been a post in this thread for quite a while, but I'm hoping someone will see this and will help me out.
I've read this thread from the beginning several times and I thought I understood, but none of the alias' and binds seem to work.
What I want to do is set the number pad up to fly. I would test by flying and firing a weapon to see if the tracers moved.

My first set of alias' and binds were this:

alias -UpL "+TurnUp 0; +TurnLeft 0"
alias +UpL "+TurnUp; +TurnLeft"
alias -UpR "+TurnUp 0; +TurnRight 0"
alias +UpR "+TurnUp; +TurnRight"
alias -DnR "+TurnDown 0; +TurnRight 0"
alias +DnR "+TurnDown; +TurnRight"
alias -DnL "+TurnDown 0; +TurnLeft 0"
alias +DnL "+TurnDown; +TurnLeft"

bind 1 +DnL
bind 2 +TurnDown
bind 3 +DnR
bind 4 +TurnLeft
bind 6 +TurnRight
bind 7 +UpL
bind 8 +TurnUp
bind 9 +UpR

In game 2, 4, 6, and 8 work fine. But 1, 3, 7, 9 do nothing. If I press and hold 2 and 4, 2 and 6, 8 and 4, or 8 and 6 I get the desired result.

Then I tried without using the -alias'. That didn't work either.
Mar 27, 2011 meridian link
The use of binds to control ship movements was severely restricted not too long ago to prevent automation and plug-ins like CombatAssist, so binds you see earlier in this thread may no longer work.

Basically you can bind a key to a single movement command (like you did for 2, 4, 6, & 8), but not fancy stuff like using multiple commands or adding delays anymore.
Mar 27, 2011 Aellis link
"The use of binds to control ship movements was severely restricted not too long ago to prevent automation and plug-ins like CombatAssist, so binds you see earlier in this thread may no longer work."

Well, that explains it. Thanks. I guess I'll just have to practice more to get better coordination...
Nov 19, 2012 ViniH link
Sorry for the necropost but this seems the most suitable thread for this question.

I am trying to alias t to msg - such that I can type /t <name> <message> instead of /msg <name> <message>.

I am having no joy trying to figure out how to do it.

I thought it would be something like /alias t "msg $1 $2" or some such similar but having spent a good hour I give up. I don't want to get used to using /msg because then I will forever be typing /msg in all the myriad games that use /t (like nearly every MMO ever made).

Please help?

If I can't do this via an alias I am actually going to write a tiny plugin to do this.
Mar 26, 2016 Michael144 link

the most useful alias here:

alias dance0 "wait 0.40 say_channel \o/"
alias dance5 "wait 0.40 say_channel \o\;dance0"
alias dance4 "wait 0.40 say_channel /o/; dance5"
alias dance3 "wait 0.40 say_channel \o\;dance4"
alias dance2 "wait 0.40 say_channel /o/;dance3"
alias dance1 "wait 0.40 say_channel \o\;dance2"
alias dance "say_channel /o/;dance1"

Bind dance to 'd' or something

And of course 2 liners

alias cd "wait 0.40 say_channel /o/"
alias cd1 "wait 0.40 say_channel \o\;cd"
bind s "cd"

Enjoy! :P