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Custom Binds! Post 'em here.

Apr 22, 2004 Celkan link
I got a better one around somewhere.
Apr 22, 2004 grunadulater link
Could someone make a bind for a weapon safety? Is that possible?
Apr 22, 2004 Celkan link
Workaround for Panther graphix bug:

/alias osxfix "set rHiRezBK 0; wait 10 'set rHiRezBK *' "
/bind "key" osxfix

* your original background setting:

0 = off
1 = low
2 = medium
3 = high
4 = very high
5 = extremely high
Apr 24, 2004 Eldrad link
I'd suggest /alias bkfix "set rHiRezBK 0; wait 1 'set rHiRezBK *'"
that way you don't have to wait at all for it to be fixed.
May 03, 2004 roguelazer link
/me walks drunkenly into the thread, knocking it to page 1.
May 03, 2004 timmy10150 link
now can i call this ancient?
May 07, 2004 webman2k link
Celkanm what is the Panther graphics bug, I haven't noticed anything weird?
May 10, 2004 Eldrad link
Ok, here's my turbo lock binds.

+t (normal turbo)
ttog (turbo lock)
acti (activate default is enter)

alias mt "+turbo 0"
alias -t "mt"
alias +t "+turbo; alias -t mt"
alias acti "Activate"
alias ttog "ttog1"
alias ttog2 "+turbo 0; alias ttog ttog1; alias acti Activate; alias -t mt; alias mt '+turbo 0'; echo 'Turbo OFF'"
alias ttog1 "+turbo; alias ttog ttog2; alias acti 'Activate; ttog2'; alias -t ' '; alias mt ttog2; echo 'Turbo ON'"

PS firemage feel free to add this to your archive.
May 19, 2004 Ciuciu link
Mine is a little simplier:

alias turbo1 "+turbo 1; bind TAB ''; alias turbo_toggle turbo0; echo 'Turboing...'"
alias turbo0 "+turbo 0; bind TAB '+turbo'; alias turbo_toggle turbo1; echo 'Normal speed"
alias turbo_toggle turbo1
bind "CTRL" turbo_toggle

when you hit CTRL it automaticly unginds TAB so you can chat and tab-completing names while traveling 180m/s :)

in a first line: bind TAB '' it's not a single " char its two ' chars
May 19, 2004 Eldrad link
Ciuciu, yours is simpler but less effective. Yours will often get stuck, for example when someone docks and undocks they'll suddenly be turboing (imagine s10 station) also if they want to start turboing normally (for example they're cruising along and get into a fight) in yours they would have to hit the toggle key, then the normal key causing them to stop turboing and possibly take damage, where as in mine they would simply hit the normal turbo key and when they released it they would stop turboing (note that if they were in chat and hit it they would not stop turboing).
Also I never put binds in my aliases because if you ever want to change a key and you have binds in aliases it's a huge pain in the ass. Much easier if you can just type /bind new-key command in game.
May 22, 2004 harvestmouse link
nice bind, Eld... very useful
Jul 02, 2004 Celkan link
New bind for easily keeping in touch with the Mission Computer:

alias misnkey "prompt '/mission'"
bind "key" misnkey

In effect this opens a small chat window that sends directly to the bot.
To open communications, hit your chosen key, type something, hit return, and repeat the process with the number of the question you'd like to ask the bot.
Jul 02, 2004 a1k0n link
[bumps deleted per request]
Jul 03, 2004 roguelazer link
alias l1 "query video linemode; alias toline l2; echo 'Linemode'"
alias l2 "query video polygonmode; alias toline l1; echo 'Polymode'"
alias toline l1

bind . toline

<<My X-Ray Vision Bind>>
Jul 03, 2004 Celkan link
Rogue you can simplify that.

alias l1 "linemode; alias toline l2; echo 'Linemode'"
alias l2 "polygonmode; alias toline l1; echo 'Polymode'"
alias toline l1
bind . toline

Linemode and polygonmode are already aliased.
Jul 04, 2004 roguelazer link
Yeah, but I dislike aliasing aliases. 'specially one for a feature that isn't even supposed to be there (removed 3.2.1, added 3.5.0)
Jul 04, 2004 Celkan link
Yeah, I was really surprised when I heard it was here again. But you are aware that all text displayed in linemode is unreadable?
Jul 04, 2004 roguelazer link
Yep. But it's nice for debugging purposes to say what's going on.
Jul 04, 2004 simondearsley link
It looks like a keyline in a page layout applications (FH, AI etc)

Good for searching for players or bots autside of your radar range.

Jul 08, 2004 Celkan link
I'm updating my mission computer bind.

alias misnkey "mission 1; prompt '/mission'"
bind "key" misnkey

This in effect contacts the Mission Computer and then opens a prompt, giving you the list of choices you can make without you even needing to manually contact the bot to get the list. (in other words, no wait. just hit the key and type your choice.)