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New Vendetta Wiki! Important Info.

May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
I'm proud to announce that every page from the old vendetta wiki, has been hauled to the new Vendetta-Online wikia. This wiki uses the new Fandom platform, and has a considerable amount of tools, programs, and editors which have much more customization and ease of use as compared to the old wiki.
The wiki is located here:
I'm currently looking for Discussion Mods, Chat Mods, Content Mods, Admins, and Bureaucrats.
We need help transferring all the images from the old wiki to the new and fixing links and code formatting from the old wiki (which isn't used on fandom, so it renders incorrectly) on all pages.
Once all this has been done- Pages will be actively updated (such as logs, deneb stats, Duel rating), and will be made and deleting accordingly.
For Inquiries about Jobs and Modships- Leave a msg on my wall (make sure you have a fandom acc):
Feel free to go through the pages and update formatting and information freely!

Hope you can all help out one way or another, in its current state- this new wikia has more than the old- but still requires some work.

Incarnate, would you mind adding the link to community sites?

Thanks all!
May 16, 2018 joylessjoker link
I do not like fandom. A self hosted solution like the old wiki is much better.

I don't see anything on your site yet. Am I missing something?
May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
joyless, the site is packed. You must be looking in the wrong spot.
May 16, 2018 We all float link
You clearly took all the info off the (which is your right under the copyright terms) but you have not shown a reason for doing so. Why should we stop using when it works just fine?

In my opinion (and this might be drama inducing, so I applogize in advance to the mods and to Inc) you just want to be in charge of something. You are already talking about "Bureaucrats" in your first post. That already makes me suspect of your motives. This is change for the sake of change, not for any legitimate reason. You should instead work on the like the rest of us do, and continue to make it the top flight website it already is.
May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
Vo-Wiki has no copyright. its open source, its player compiled data. I want to take this player compiled data, update it, and make it better- more secure and more controlled.
Not to mention, VO-Wiki has no way of editing some major outdated pages because all mods are gone- vandalism can be a big issue in the future.
The Vo-wiki has needed major updates in content. At this point, it needs an update in technology.
Wikia is much more user friendly, and formatting is incredibly easy. I can make an equivalent page on Wikia in a third of the time it takes on Wiki. Its time for a change.
May 16, 2018 aaronund link
Why not just work on I don't see why we needed a fandom page.
May 16, 2018 We all float link
Again, you are talking about "control". This seems like some kind of power trip for you. already has a format that everyone knows how to use. Also, it is currently ad free. on the other hand is plastered with ads. And "trending" pages and other crap. I for one will be telling people only to use , as it has a long trusted history with the VO userbase.
May 16, 2018 joylessjoker link
Yes, it's obvious it's a power trip.

This is not how you normally go about doing a community project like this. on the other hand is plastered with ads. And "trending" pages and other crap.

BINGO. I feel violated and dirty whenever I surf a site.

NalWalrusWarrior, if you truly care about the VO community, please close this awful fandom site and help improve the original site.
May 16, 2018 baxterthecrafter2.00 link
I agree with the others, why replace something old when it works perfectly fine. Thats like replacing an old A/C unit that is working perfectly fine. There is no reason to replace the old wiki.
May 16, 2018 aaronund link
I've thought about this more and I think its a pretty shit idea. VO-Wiki already has mods + no adverts and it looks presentable. There was no reason for change other then the fact that "you" would be managing it and I think you're shit so...
May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
I made this in the first place, because I can't get mediawiki to give anybody bureaucratic/sysop rights to edit critical parts of the wiki.

Use it if you want, I'll continue to maintain it, simply because I can edit what I need to, and update info that wiki won't let you.
May 16, 2018 joylessjoker link
Please don't run to a corner and cry! We all love you.
May 16, 2018 We all float link
What critical parts of the need to be updated? There are active users that have access to powers to fix stuff, you just need to let people know.
May 16, 2018 Nico Okarr link
[Stuff that violates VO forum rules removed. -W]

Heh you might want to remove that from your wikia @narwalruswarrior

No harm in making a new wiki, but you should have started off with more original posts rather than just copy stuff from the old wiki. I hope you atleast give credit to the original creators...
May 16, 2018 Mi5 link
It's always nice to have backups of important resources like a wiki.

I'll use it.
May 16, 2018 Moebius Lester link
of course you will...

May 16, 2018 Luxen link
Narwalrus, if you want permission to create new pages on the vo-wiki, first help update information that is allready there, then see about contacting CrazySpence. Should your edits be correct [and mature, unlike saying fletchette autoaim sucks cheeks, when its previous little worked just fine], i think he'd be more likely to bump up your user priviledge.

I had been updating station information a while ago, and you can see i've been using my discussion page as a WIP page for a potential update to missions [should others prefer it; i think the current is too cluttered, but don't wanna tread on any toes. Its not finished yet anyways]. There are plenty of places that need updates, if you hunt around for them. I just ask you 1) keep page formating similar to how its been, and 2) have verified that the information your putting in is correct with data in-game at the time.
May 16, 2018 Pizzasgood link
I agree that it's better to improve VO-Wiki than to try to start over elsewhere. Even if I were in favor of starting over elsewhere (which, let's be honest, isn't an unreasonable notion), I would not be okay with NarWalrusWarrior being in charge. His heart is possibly in the right place, but he seems to be rather deficient in competence.

"Vo-Wiki has no copyright. its open source, its player compiled data. I want to take this player compiled data, update it, and make it better- more secure and more controlled"

Case in point. Nar, you clearly don't understand how copyright law works. Every single open source and copyleft license depends on copyright law to enforce it. Unless VO-Wiki has a rule saying that all contributions belong to the Public Domain, all of its content is automatically copyrighted and you are bound by the terms of whatever license it's using. I don't actually know what license that is, however. Either I'm blind, or Spence neglected to make the license obvious. You probably didn't break the law in copying the wiki's contents, but if I were you I'd try to dig up that license or pester Spence just to make sure.
May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
There is no visible copyright on the wiki. Im looking for other bureaucrats for one simple fact: even the founder can't undo them. They have equal rights and equal responsibility. In a sense, its not run by me- its run by the bureaucrats whom I pick. Honestly, I'll take anybody competent enough for the job and knows the bare bones of js and css which wiki uses.
May 16, 2018 NarWalrusWarrior link
Whatever the case, its currently a backup. Its going to need major data hauls and I need to go through every single page, add content, delete, correct, and remove formatting individually.
Rin and blaqk seem to be in, would you guys like the first adminships?

People on 100 tell us about how things they read on the wiki are, when they are wrong!
They read outdated information on the wiki and go about thinking that what they read is true. I began working on a few of those pages, until I realized i was about 25% of all edits in 5 years. The wiki really has no helpers and is not actively updated. Now, i'm trying to get people to engage in a COMMUNITY project, where we all chip in, and work together to actively maintain something

And ads won't be an issue, i can steal some JS code from one of my other wikis to remove ads from the interface!
So don't worry!