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Post items for the station news here MkII

May 20, 2020 Whistler link
May 23, 2020 Xeha link
Posting this for Thespian so the event gets a bigger audience; RP thread to signup here:


Ultimate Wingman Tournament

Saturday May 30th, 19:00 UTC

2v2 PVP battles in a standard double elimination. 20-25 mil prize pot to the winning team, along with collectibles and unique items for the top three teams.

You can either find your own wingman, or I can try to pair you with someone who's also looking for a wingman.

Please reply to the RP thread to signup.

I hosted a tournament like this back in October 2010, and thought it'd be nice to end the free period with some pvp. Hopefully some vets will come by and we can relive the old days!

May 23, 2020 Whistler link
Aug 13, 2020 Luxen link
Open TeamDX for 08/23

A schedualed TeamDX match will occur on 08/23 at 02:00AM UTC, somewhere in Sedina! TeamDX is a Team Deathmatch event where pilots of all colours, calibers, and standings use a mixture of piloting skills and teamwork to kill as many enemy players as possible, all to earn points and secure a team victory.

This event is currently in its "Open" summer series, where rules are a little more laid back and registration is not required. Pilots may show up at any time while the event is running [common running length is one hour], which is when they will be assigned to one of two teams. Pilots may begin combat the instant they warp in, and earn points for every kill against a pilot on an enemy team. At the end of the event, or match, the points accumulated by each team will be tallied, and the winning team will be announced.

Do what you can to make the event a seamless experience! Make sure to follow the rules set by the event host; the general rules list will be covered before the event in the general chat channel, or you can PM the host "Rules" to have a list sent to you directly. Additional rules may be set by the host, as well, as this event is still actively being adjusted.

This PvP event is hosted in greyspace. Any pilot who wishes to participate MUST understand there is no factional protection in greyspace, and participates knowing the dangers that entails. Additionally, any pilot who wishes to participate as a spectator MUST contact the host BEFORE the event.

The code used to manage this event is still in development, so the event may be put on pause to fix problems that may arise. Please help by giving feedback about functionality during the event’s break times, and point out potential flaws. Locations for feedback exist on the forums or on the TRI guild discord server.
Aug 14, 2020 Whistler link