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my addon dump mk2

Nov 18, 2014 mr_spuck link
Ohh.. I actually never checked if the ids are static or not I just assumed they were. I could use the type names though .. those shouldn't change to often. It's also what the mission editor uses.

If robot manufacture is the one for making furies, it's under "Stygian Furies".
Nov 19, 2014 mr_spuck link
Ok! Updated manu... it now uses the type names internally. This shouldn't change anything user visible.

But if the devs now do sponsered items (aka "Microsoft Silksteel") it will still work properly! Also this will allow me to add something like abbreviated item names.. the info box is looking really cramped with everything spelled out.

The "enough for" listing now shows up for all items and also shows how many of each item is actually needed.

plus a few other fixes
Nov 20, 2014 abortretryfail link
D'oh. I was looking for the mission name, not the bot name.

Thanks for updating this. :)
Jan 09, 2015 mr_spuck link
Been meaning to post my turret bot for a while, but it was really messy. I finally got around to make it bit more presentable.. so here's tspammer.


A networked turret bot with limited self aiming. Multiple bots can run the same computer or in the network. Each bot starts a server over which it accepts commands.

Under Linux the bots can optionally take advantage of a seperate program (glspamserver) to do limited self aiming. Glspamserver works similar to dullbots glrobotserver. It's a preloaded library that takes screengrabs and locates the target on them, then sends fake input events to move the turret. To use glspamserver start the game with tspammer/glspamserver/ [index]. The index must match the one that is passed to the tserver command, if tspammer is autostarted it is optional.

Known issues:
- if a turret is occupied it will get stuck
- sometimes the server sockets arn't closed on Reloadinterface() for some reason. /tserver won't work for the same index afterwards until the game is restarted
- it often gets stuck when switching to and from burst mode while active. just send the command again to fix it up
- the self aiming needs some tuning. it's way too conservative

/tserver index
Start tserver and listen for commands. Index is the server index, a number from 0 to 19. If multiple bots run on the same machine each one must have a unique index. Omiting the index stops the server

/tspammer bot turret1 option1 turret2 option2..
Send a command to a bot. The first parameter is the address of the bot followed by a list of turrets and options. Without any options the bot will start shooting at the current target using the specified list of turrets, changing turrets whenever either a timeout is reached or the turret is empty. If a command is sent while the bot is active it will just change target. If no turrets are specified the bot stops shooting

- bot: specifies the target bot as either an index or a host:index pair. With just an index the command assumes that the bot is running on the same machine.

- turretN: a turret index the order is the same as in the turrets list of the ship

- timeout=secs: number of seconds to sit in each turret before switching. if the turret is empty before the timeout is reached the bot will switch earlier. 0 disables the timeout (don't do this in burst mode unless you can turn it off remotely!). default 15

- burst: fire and switch turrets as quickly as possible. this changes the meaning of the timeout option, it now specifies the total length of the burst. works better if bot is the ships pilot

- nearest: target a random non grouped ship within 1500m. if no ship is in that range it will target the nearest ship ouside 1500m

- nottarget: shoot at all ships except the current target (must be combined with nearest)

- move: makes the ship move forwards
- stop: stops the ship

/tspammer_autostart on|off
- automatically start tspammer

/tspammer_autostart_index index
- which index to use when autostaring

..start two clients one with a missile trident..
..park trident in orun collector sector and group up with other client..
client piloting trident:
/tserver 0
other client:
/tspammer 0 burst timeout=0 nearest 1 2 3 4 oruns explode..
/tspammer 0

..start two clients one on pc and another on phone..
..get phone client into the ship and target a rock..
phone client:
/tserver 0
/tspammer 3 4 around rock and watch it not explode..
Jan 14, 2015 cellsafemode link
Finally the game's ultimate goal of being populated almost entirely of bots and mobile players can be realized. Guild software rejoices since bots tend to complain less about the prevalence of bots while still providing either subs or the appearance of player population. WIN WIN
Jan 15, 2015 mr_spuck link
Mission Accomplished!

I forgot to mention.. the "move" and "stop" commands only work if the bot is the pilot of the ship and is in flight assist mode. It doesn't have much to do with turreting. I just threw those in to allow repositioning the ship or to pickup cargo without having to interrupt the bot.
Jan 19, 2015 greenwall link
Jan 23, 2015 mr_spuck link
Updated tspammer

The self aiming is now much faster. It can often get within a few degrees of the target in less than a second. It's still not enough to really keep up with any serious motion though.
Here's a video of me flying around in a sector while the bot is tracking a rock: . In the video it occasionally spazzes out for a second when it hops into turrets. It should normally only do that if the target is on the wrong hemisphere. I forgot to reset a timer.. it's better now.

Nottarget is now a suboption for nearest. Nearest now also accepts a list of factions as suboptions. By default it will still target everyone except group members.
Example: /tspammer 0 1 nearest=nottarget,itani,uit,serco,unaligned

In burst mode it will now wait a little longer after firing swarms. With the default timings it only fired off one or two missles for each volley.. which is kinda ineffective.

It should now handle occupied and destroyed turrets better.