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New VO Movies

Jun 16, 2006 moldyman link
With my new Quad Core, I finaly have the equipment I need to start making movies. This is long term since I only know some basics and still need to learn, but ideas in clude:

- Nation War movie (Mmmm... furball)
- Deneb Run dramatiozed movie (Maybe a three minute short instead of thirty thhree minutes)

Any pilots (or teachers in the ways of movie production), please sign up below. Filming will begin soonish.
Jun 16, 2006 toshiro link
Go moldy!
Jun 16, 2006 Whytee link
we know we want this!!
Jun 17, 2006 KixKizzle link
I wanna be in it this time.
K i n g b o o b l e @ gmail
Jun 18, 2006 terribleCabbage link
I'm in (if you don't mind), either voice or piloting.
Jun 18, 2006 smittens link
/me wonders why Kix just allowed Smittens to find his email....
Jun 18, 2006 MSKanaka link
Because I don't think you're his nemesis anymore. That kinda happens when you like, leave for a few weeks and all.
Jun 19, 2006 jexkerome link
Count me in to detect and point out the cliches (fighters driving headfirst into a 'roid, lines like "Death before dishonor", that sort of thing) so the movies end up a lot less amateurish.
Jun 24, 2006 Ghost link
Moldy, the best tip I can give you is to take a LOT of footage. The more you have to work with in the editing stage, the better. That said, don't include everything. Attention spans are short nowadays and you don't want a movie that drags on (look at my first one). So pick your best shots to use. Also, you're going to want to have a storyboard to give your movie some kind of outline before you shoot it. This way, you know what kind of shots you need ahead of time.

A little trick I like to use is to pick out what music you're going to use ahead of time, then set up your storyboard according to that. This can help you to get a good image in your head of what you want to do.
Jun 26, 2006 Person link
Sweet, moldy. Count me in! My email's That ought to throw off the spam-bots!

Jun 28, 2006 Klabbath link

I am new to VO (account is now four days old), but not to video editing and production. I use iMovieHD on an iMac G5. I coach football at the high school level and have created several highlight films and short clips (obviously of a sports-related nature.)

However, in addition to being a jock, I'm also a geek and interested in fan and fan-developed films of various genres. I think I'd be a reasonably valuable addition to the project.

Feel free to email me at or speak to me if you see me online (My current pilot is named "Nigel the Indecently Dressed" of the Itani Nation.)

Even if we can't work together, this sounds like a great project, and I'm very interested in the outcome.

Jun 29, 2006 moldyman link
Still muddling through the self teaching process...

Hold please while your operator is being trained

*turns on elevator waiting music*
Jun 29, 2006 slime73 link
Hehe, my Dad used to be friends with the person who invented that music.
Jun 30, 2006 Borb II link
I'm in for any kind of acting let me know.
Jul 02, 2006 jexkerome link
I'm in ONLY if you need a really weird accent. The americans always comment on it, specially since they can understand me perfectly in spite of it.
Jul 02, 2006 greengeek link
Sounds like fun (if I had a machine that could handle VO and vid capture at the same time I might have tried too... alas). And I won't be half way around the world again for the forseeable future, so no more problems like I had working with Ghost (sorry about that).
Jul 02, 2006 thurisaz link
mmm... one of these days I might try patching the s-video out on my video card to the s-video in on my encoder card.. anyone think it'd work?
Jul 02, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Feedback loop... *BOOM*

(Ok. I don't know. I _do_ know that plugging the soundcard line-out to the microphone port does bad things, though. :D )
Jul 21, 2006 moldyman link
I think, if anything, I'll just do a ten minute video with clips of cool combat scenes. I'll start spectating fights after I make an alt to do so.

I shall call him... The Cameraman!
Jul 22, 2006 Touriaus link
It's safe now, i logged off.