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Jul 27, 2006 break19 link
Aug 02, 2006 moldyman link
Okay, lemme rephrase. Work paused until my current stress level goes down. THis may take a good while...
Aug 10, 2006 moldyman link
Alright. less burned out and stressed out. So as not to clog this thread, I made a bad but workable forum to get this thing going. All people wishing to help please visit it:

Hopeful estimate is by Christamas we can have this done, realistic estimate is by April.
Sep 02, 2006 stewhites link
Found this today, a "video capturing framework for linux"

I dont know if its useful, or not, it may be worth a look though
Sep 14, 2006 moldyman link
Thanks, though I run a Mac :)

Okay, working on the story as we speak. I liked Screwball's idea to follow the story of a racer from a nobody to champion, but that would take more vision and thought then I am willing to put in right now (or have right now). So I'll follow the idea of basing a movie basically off of Obsidian's Mining Event, thanks for the idea Jex.

I need to get a list of volunteers to pilot in the film. Keep in mind, I will be doing this mostly from 7pm till midnight EDT on weekdays. *Mostly*
Sep 29, 2006 moldyman link
One 3 minute and one 4.5 minute videos due out by next Friday. Stay tuned. Screening is done on the movie forum only for criticisms before final release.
Sep 30, 2006 Retsmah link

I'll work on my little bits as soon as my (*@#%ing iMac arrives.
Oct 01, 2006 moldyman link
TO edit the times I'll be filming...

Mostly Sundays through Wednesdays. (Sometimes not on Sundays)