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Ares Music Pack

Aug 15, 2004 ctishman link
Remember the Ambrosia Software game Ares, from the late 1990s? It was very much like Vendetta, and had some kickass music (in my opinion). I've taken the freely downloadable .mp3 files, converted them to .ogg format and added an m3u playlist. Installation instructions for MacOS X and Windows/Linux are included.
Aug 15, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Gah! Ares is not old! Even if you think that, it still kicks ass!

Good work ctishman.
Aug 15, 2004 ctishman link
Did I say old? Point out the line where I typed the words 'old'. Anyhow, thanks. :P
Aug 16, 2004 AlienB link
Took the liberty of making a Windows installer.
Aug 16, 2004 toshiro link
woo! ares music goodness!
wait... ku, if i ogged&zipped oni (unfortunately not the entire ost) and marathon music, would you host it?
Aug 16, 2004 ctishman link
Well, I would if you got specific permission from Bungie, or can point me to the page where it says it's OK to reencode and/or redistribute.
Aug 16, 2004 AlienB link
/me hums the marathon 2 theme
Aug 16, 2004 Magus link
And for all you OS X users out there. Here is a plugin to play .ogg files in iTunes on those rare occasions you're not playing vendetta.
Aug 16, 2004 Pyro link
SL, Ares is pretty damned old... :P

Anywho, I never actually got around to playing much Ares. I was never able to figure out the controls, and now I'm dividing my time between FF XI (go Valefor!) and Civ III (must buy Conquests...), so I don't really have the time for it.
Aug 17, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Ares rocked! How could you not figure out the controls? It even tells you how!
Aug 17, 2004 toshiro link
plus, they're pretty obvious once you now them. it's like playing the piano: if you haven't done so for a long time, it takes you a few minutes, but you're soon back in full swing.
too bad ASW hasn't got the slightest intention to port Ares to osx (mrrh), and it doesn't run well under classic (another reason to always keep an OS 9 partition: Civ2, WipeOut 2097 and now Ares, not counting all the LucasArts and Sierra Adventures).

anyway, thanks for the plugin, magus :)
Aug 17, 2004 Pyro link
"Ares rocked! How could you not figure out the controls? It even tells you how!"

I was about 12 when I tried it...
Aug 18, 2004 AlienB link
Ares isnt old.
Aug 18, 2004 toshiro link
Indeed not. it's younger than EV... or Maelstrom, for that matter.
An "old" game for mac (one of the oldest I know, that is) would be aqua blooper piper by casady & greene, and even that one already ran on colour macs...
Aug 18, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
Pyro: I was 11. nyah nyah.
Aug 18, 2004 Pyro link
Shaddup. :P
Aug 22, 2004 UncleDave link
Pff... if you want an old vendetta-like game, try Elite... I was what, 5-6 years old when my dad got it, and was still better at it than him.
Aug 22, 2004 Pyro link
Mmmm, unfilled polygons... :P
Aug 25, 2004 zamzx zik link
I was 9 1/2 foo :P

heheheh.... before I got Vendetta.

Aug 25, 2004 Forum Moderator link

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