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New comic! Need help!

Jul 26, 2004 Sheean link

Now on a related note, I don't have an idea for a new one; I NEED IDEAS!
Jul 26, 2004 mr_spuck link
HAHA so funny .. that guy gets a warning of a vendetta for a missing file and then finds the secret of the holy php's which tells him that something terrible happend at the 20th "line"
Jul 26, 2004 grunadulater link
Jul 26, 2004 Sheean link
Woah, where and how did you got that error?
Jul 26, 2004 Magus link
AHHH! You have the freaky ? symbol again. Use ASCII like normal people!
Jul 26, 2004 ctishman link
Indeed. ASCII=t3h r0x.
Jul 26, 2004 roguelazer link
Sheeen: on any of your pages. :D

the index:

Warning: main(/variabelen.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/virtual/site63/fst/home/sheean/public_html/main/header.php on line 3

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '/variabelen.php' (include_path='.:/php/includes:/usr/share/php') in /home/virtual/site63/fst/home/sheean/public_html/main/header.php on line 3

Jul 26, 2004 Sheean link
Sort of fixed now, you still have to remove your cookies though.

This thing will do it too (hopefully):

I forget about the ⟨ aka ⟨ all the time, stupid konqueror :P
Jul 26, 2004 Pyro link
Hehehe... Verd's gonna kill you, though... :P
Jul 26, 2004 Archon link
I love those! Awesome work!
Jul 28, 2004 grunadulater link
Make one about storms, that'd be good.
Jul 28, 2004 danielky link
uh... I don't get the next to last frame... I'm guessing that would be important to get...

Mainly I just can't tell what's what. Explanation? (please)
Jul 28, 2004 Magus link
HA HA HA HA That's hilarious.

Danielky, that second to last frame shows Verdandi unzipping her blond haired shapely exterior and revealing the fact that "she" is, in fact, a brown haired chubby guy with glasses.

(It should be noted that the imagery presented in the preceding post represents the opinions of the thread creator and in no way represents the views of Magus or any other characters/players/internet personalities therein.)
Jul 28, 2004 danielky link
Jul 29, 2004 Pyro link
He put up a new one yesterday, f00s...
Jul 30, 2004 Sheean link
grunadulater: hehe, coincidence; I actually made one :P
Aug 01, 2004 Celkan link
I'd just like to note, that yes, I thought it was funny; yes, I am brown-haired, yes I sometimes wear glasses... but no, I am not chubby. Pyro can speak for that.
Aug 01, 2004 Pyro link
Lose some weight, fatty!

Aug 01, 2004 Suicidal Lemming link
It is not fat, it's a personal flotation device embedded below his skin.
Aug 01, 2004 Celkan link
I am going to murder you with that SPARCServer of yours Pyro.

Smack you over the head and crush your puny skull, I will...