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Vendetta Fanfic Archive?

Jul 22, 2004 Celkan link
Currently, the archive of Vendetta fiction is located at:

Go there, grab a soda or something to drink and read a story of your choosing. I recommend the Xetrian series, Messenger, Red Invasion/Blue Campaign, and my own Vendedda (which is currently being "new universe-ized").

I'm not sure whether guest posting is on or not, but please, feel free to make an account and post your comments.

Really, what I'd like to do is try to make a page for the fiction on its own, and I don't think we have all of the stories that exist all in that place. I know we don't have Celebrim's story... "Cold Front" I beleive it was.

Anyone interested?

PS: sorry I had to repost it, but it got no attention in Roleplaying, and I felt here was more appropriate for what I could do with it.
Aug 06, 2004 quiveri link
If you're suggesting we write our own stories, then I could try and whip one up. Otherwise, I have no clue what you're talking about :P

Aug 08, 2004 AlienB link
If you make/get a page, I dont mind hosting it.
Aug 09, 2004 Celkan link
Well, I'm currently experimenting with HTML... I made a nice menu for the Makchuga as a first project. I should be able to make a page sooner or later.
Aug 10, 2004 Phaserlight link
We have to get Celebrim's "Cold Front" story back! It was good...
Aug 18, 2004 Celkan link
Actually, I think we'll work with Vendetta Gate... SF's got a stories page in the works.

Guess I'll take some responsibility for that area...
Aug 20, 2004 quiveri link
I'm working on a 4 part story now, I'm done part 1. You can find it here:

Tell me what you think.

Aug 20, 2004 roguelazer link
Suggestion : line breaks. Use <p></p>. Please!