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Patched Skins!

Jun 27, 2022 Luxen link
Here's a collection of ALL skins currently available (to my knowledge), and 🤞 they're all patched up
🌌 Mobile default-interface touch controls supported
🌌 Game's Built-in interface supported
🌌 Renamed all the old login dialog names to the new one
🌌 Supports the Reskin library, letting you switch the skin in-game hassle free

What I didn't do:
⛔ Add text coloring through configuration files
⛔ Make any patched files look like part of the skin they're now in

If there're any issues, just hit me up here or in a DM.

The skins can be downloaded from Dropbox here, or from the #player-creations channel on the official discord, or you can download them independently on the wiki (not yet)
Jun 28, 2022 tjgaming8324 link
Update - skins are bugged a bit. Tiny bit so to say....

2 files are missing - arrow_down.png & new.hud.power.png

Main problem - (so far tested on Android by me)
After adding & applying the skin, it doesn't apply any changes to radars, power bar, distance meter & speed bar. Only crosshair is changed.
It appears that some files are causing this to happen that if you delete do fix the problem BUT make your left accel/decel/left/right control circle to not show properly.

The problem is currently being investigated. We appreciate your patience.

Fixed skin files will be posted as soon as this bug is patched.
Jul 01, 2022 Luxen link
Alright, partial fix for that updated skin collection; if you want to skin the HUD, either update the new files to match the skin itself, or delete new.hud.arrow.png

that file's existence is what makes the interface load certain new files instead of certain old ones. If you do follow the deletion route, note on mobile that
1) The touch arrows are likely mis-aligned. I don't care, its not something I can fix.
2) The right-side touch region is based on hud_radar.png

Everything else appears to work on the HUD if you make that change. otherwise, go update the new files to match the skin you are applying.