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Snib's plugins

Jun 20, 2022 Snib link
Automatic Login
This plugin can log you in automatically and optionally load your preferred character. This also works after a logout. You can configure a a delay before the automation takes effect, and you until then you can cancel it at any time. As a bonus, the interface and all plugins get reloaded upon a logout.

Crystal Counter
Counts the crystals you earn daily. Prints the current daily total to your chat each time you earn a crystal, and also has a simple GUI to check your past earnings.

Prospector 3
Plugin to gather and organize asteroid data, including a high-performance automatic scanner, asteroid mass measurement, and a GUI to easily locate the asteroids you want.

Complete rewrite of PaKettle's original Prospector plugin with many new features and much better performance. Make sure to read the changelog if you are upgrading from that version.

Fully compatible with Targetless incl. import/export of asteroid data.
Jun 27, 2022 Snib link
Automatically adds respawning bots found in unmonitored sectors at the top of your system notes for that sector.
Jul 24, 2022 Snib link
A viewer for all ships currently in the game, incl. their liveries and most of their stats.