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Economy Data Gathering

Sep 03, 2020 TheRedSpy link
As discussed at length, we need data. Here is a lua plugin script that will allow pilots to pull data from Latos-economy stations (and perhaps others) for analysis. Ask a friend if you need help installing into a 'main.lua' file.

Steps to use:

1. Dock with a station
2. Write the command /invent into the chat box
3. Exit Vendetta Online and go to your main installation folder, then go to the subdirectory 'settings' and then your Character Name. In that folder there should be a 'system359104463notes.txt' file. That file contains the data dump from your station. You should be able to manipulate it into a spreadsheet application.


invent = {}
invent.stationdata = {}
function invent.get_invent()
for item = 1, GetNumStationMerch() do
local haveitem = GetStationMerchInfo(item);
table.insert(invent.stationdata, haveitem.itemid .. ";" .. haveitem.type .. ";" .. .. ";" .. haveitem.price .. ";" .. haveitem.quantity .. ";" .. tostring(haveitem.locallyproduced))
function invent.save_invent()
SaveSystemNotes(spickle(invent.stationdata), 359104463)

Please post improved versions if you can think of other stuff to add.