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VO interactive novel (Thread)

Mar 26, 2018 GEN.ND link

To avoid spam I've decided to make a main thread here and post all the updates and WIP's for "Greyspace: Search" which will be the title of the novel. (Congratulations to the person who suggested the title "Paint It Blaqk" You got first runner up)

Link to WIP novel:

Feel free to contribute and point out any errors that I may have made. I will try to update this once or twice a week.
Mar 26, 2018 GEN.ND link

Icon created :D the one on the post above is the promotional art, if you have a better version please post it here.
Mar 26, 2018 GEN.ND link
Currently working on:

Resizing pictures into the following sizes:

Icon: A 1024×1024 icon is required, although certain mobile devices will resize this down to as low as 48×48. This icon should not include the name of your game. On iOS devices the corners of the icon will be rounded, and it recommended that artists be aware of this to account for it in artwork. Additionally we round the corners of Android icons in the same format as iOS for ease of production, and to minimize the number of art assets required.
Splash Screens: This screen will be displayed briefly as the game starts (on most devices) and will act as the first screenshot in the mobile app stores. This should not include the name of your game. Note that on iOS phones, the image will have a series of buttons superimposed down the middle, which may obstruct specific elements of the image. Sizes required are: 480×800 portrait (Android), 640×960 portrait (Android, iPhone 4), 1242×2208 portrait (iPhone 5+), 1536×2048 portrait (iPad), 2048×1536 landscape (iPad), 2048×2732 portrait (iPad Pro), and 2732×2048 landscape (iPad Pro).
Standard Promotional Art: These landscape images will be used in various locations and should include the name of your game in a large font:
• 480×320 landscape: This is used for the web store, the android stores, and any web links that display images, such as social media posts.
• 1024×500 landscape: This is used for the android store.
• 1400×560 landscape (optional, may be requested): This is used for banners on mailers. The format of the mailer assumes this contains the name of the game.
Steam Promotial Art (optional, may be requested): Note that Steam publication is subject to approval by Hosted Games based on separate criteria from general game publication. Sizes required are 616×353, 467×181, 460×215, 231×87, 184×69, and all five should include the name of your game in a large font (and 231×87 and 184×69 may primarily be the title of the game superimposed on the artwork). Note that the 467×181, 460×215, and 231×87 sizes will have a demo banner overlay in the upper left corner, and as such the title should either not be in that corner, or a separate demo image should be included that has the title in another location. Additionally, the 616×353 will have a banner over the bottom right corner when on discount which may also cover the title.

Assistance would be appreciated!
Mar 26, 2018 GEN.ND link
Mar 31, 2018 Luxen link
besides a few small spelling errors, seems nice so far