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I started a VO thread on

Nov 06, 2017 Phaserlight link
I know, a thread about a thread, how original:

I recall Penny Arcade being credited with first bringing Vendetta Online into general public awareness back in 2002. They have occasionally supported the devs by promoting Vendetta Online with giveaways; their culture seems more aware and favorable toward VO than average.

They have this subforum called the "MMO Extravaganza":

Threads tend to stay on the first page for half a year or more. Last week I felt compelled to give a candid rundown of Vendetta Online:

It's off to a good start. I thought I would link to it here in case any community members wanted to give their 2c. I tend to wax verbose regarding my favorite video game of the past decade and a half (sometimes I just have to reply if someone writes something to the effect of 'there's no ECM in the game').

Beginning the thread was motivated in part because I feel like Vendetta is sometimes lost among names like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Eve Online, or even Star Trek Online. I tried to give it the treatment I feel it deserves. However, the more perspectives and opinions on it we can get out there, the better.
Nov 08, 2017 Neuty link
Where is was that pic of the huge station From??
Nov 08, 2017 Phaserlight link
It was used as concept art in a previous newsletter.
Nov 08, 2017 Neuty link
Dec 05, 2017 Lord~spidey link
Cheers mate!