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Vendetta Plugin Documentation

Aug 05, 2017 Jzalae link
I've started a new project to provide documentation for plugin authors.

Most of the documentation is in sample code form and there's a tool to convert it to a Vendetta plugin for testing. This helps ensure it's current and correct.

Also, it's on GitHub which is designed for this sort of thing. Generating the plugin would be considerably more difficult to do with the racecar2 wiki content, you can use your favorite editor, a ton of programmers already have an account, etc.

As of mid 2017 (in case I can't edit this post,) the project only has documentation for a few functions, but there might be enough that you can figure out how to contribute so I figure it's time to announce it.
Aug 06, 2017 draugath link

Rather than trying to create something new, why not contribute to the wiki?
Aug 07, 2017 Jzalae link
Hey draugath :)

It looks like you read the first line of my post and skipped the rest :( Here's a tl;dr: executable documentation is awesome; executing code off a wiki not so much.

But thanks so much for the link to the IUP 2.4 documentation! I was looking for that and hadn't seen it anywhere.
Aug 10, 2017 drazed link
While the racecar wiki (and vo-wiki in general) are grossly outdated, GitHub is meant to store projects/code and documenting said projects/code. It is NOT meant to document external api's, and I don't know anyone that does this.

That said, I'm not against a GitHub repo for sample vo-plugin code and related documentation, but it should reference the racecar wiki for the actual events/functions/etc.

To illustrate, think of racecar as something like:

Where you are trying to do something like:

Note the first link is an API documentation site, the second link is an sdk/library that implements said API. There's a reason BOTH exist, and GitHub is less then ideal for the actual core documentation of things, even though github has a built-in-wiki.

I'm not against you setting this up, but please do update/fix racecar while you're at it, rather then re-documenting everything... If you have trouble copy/pasting stuff from racecar into your own plugins, you're probably in the wrong line of work, and GitHub might not be a good fit for any of your needs ;)

Once you learn lua basics, you'll find a quick-reference much more useful then sample code, as it's much easier to find what you need all in one place, rather then grepping through a bunch of source files and figuring out which ones/bits you need.
Aug 15, 2017 Jzalae link
If I contribute to the wiki, how will I machine check my work?

Edit: That's a rhetorical question, of course.