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Jul 26, 2017 fireiceman12 link
A$$A$$INZZZ shall be hosting and bringing back an old event the event to participate requires the use of a single plugin made by CrazySpence the plugin is available on
The event shall also be cohosted by Scared Star
Any questions u can contact me via Discord through the HIVE or public ONE channel
The event will be hosted on Fridays at 2:00GMT.
~Thank you and have a nice day
Jul 26, 2017 scared star link
the plugin is a bit iffy but it does work, would wish if CS does see this if he could add three things that i noticed so far that would be liked: when you do /ctfstop to leave the ctf game it doesnt say that it did it, but it did make you leave because the other person still active will see that the player left, could CS add something that it manage to disconnect, just so the people can tell that they left, also could it say that its ready to start when two people are homed in their station of their team, a$$a$$inzzz and i didn't know if it started until i went to hes station and bought a commodity, lastly, could it jet only flag cargo? a$$a$$inzzz was being dumb again and got a lot of cargo autojetted via the plugin in the undocking bay and when i tried to undock it always jett his flag from his station undocking bay in sedina D-14.