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Prospecting plugin tester(s) wanted

Feb 11, 2017 PaKettle link
I am in the alpha stage of development and would like some feedback on the usability of my current project.

Prospector is designed to store the basic stats for asteroids and share them with other players. All data is stored locally and data is only shared through an explicit list of users on an low security encrypted channel.

To save space each asteroid has a XP based value assigned. Valued asteroids also have their mass calculated based on the heat rise while mining them. Mass and content are combined to determine the overall value of each rock.

If you are interested feel free to email me at
Feb 12, 2017 Luxen link
Sounds like an awesome idea, PaKettle. May I assume you mean eamil is <covered>
Feb 12, 2017 PaKettle link
Luxen please remove my Email from yer post so that every spam bot in the world isnt sending me crap.

Thanks for the edit Luxen...
Feb 28, 2017 PaKettle link
So no takers to help with testing?
Mar 01, 2017 Luxen link
nahh, actually I got busy and never sent the email. of course I was interested, though dunno about any of the other Terra Cotta warriors around here
Mar 02, 2017 scared star link
sure i like to help, would i need to know how lua works to help or just be the lab rat?
Mar 02, 2017 Luxen link
Seems I'm a lab rat, but even in its current state I think I like it better than roidDB. Good work so far, PaKettle! I look forward to seeing its completed form in action.
Mar 03, 2017 Luxen link
suggestion: a way to mute the plugin; I was trying to help some people in 100 today, and since I was docked at the time it kept plugging the stuff in my chat interface, making it hard to finish reading the guy's stuff.
Mar 04, 2017 draugath link
I assume you were looking for help with this plugin, PaKettle, when you posted in my other thread asking for help. I sent you an email at what I thought was the correct address, but no reply as yet. Do you still need/want help?
Mar 04, 2017 PaKettle link
No I didnt get an email from you draugath. That was for a future project - wanted to replace the chat box with a sorted and tabbed version

Scared Star - Send an email to me and I will forward a copy to you if you want to be a lab rat :} Mostly I need players to linkup to the network and scan roids so I can test/fix the data share function.
This is still in alpha so there will be a few bugs...

The plug isnt suppose to say much when docked - I will see what could be printing - A list of messages would be helpfull