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SectorNotesButton plugin

Jan 05, 2016 draugath link
This is an interface hack that will add a button to the navigation tab for accessing system/sector notes.

It is intended for use on mobile platforms, but it will work equally well on the PC.
Jan 05, 2016 Michael144 link
I will go as 'notey' as I can to say this is 'nice'
Heh it doesn't sound right does it...
Feb 10, 2016 Barktooth link
Many thanks. This is very usefull!
May 03, 2016 Rising Phoenix link
Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
May 03, 2016 Rising Phoenix link
You should upload this to
May 04, 2016 Michael144 link
This is an interface hack...
I think he knows that,
And did you really need to bump this thread?
May 04, 2016 Pizzasgood link
Well, it was exactly what he was looking for, it may be what other people are looking for, and he wanted to thank the author. Seems like a legit bump to me.
May 04, 2016 draugath link
I don't post small hacks with a possibly disruptive behavior to VOUPR, especially if I have no long term interest in supporting it. Plus, it had only been given a small amount of testing. Without further feedback regarding stability I wouldn't even consider posting it there.

If VOUPR allowed more control over versioning and visibility, I would probably be less apprehensive about using it. As it stands there are some important elements that just can't be changed once created (e.g. plugin id) and I also don't want to pollute the site with multiple small edits that could have been avoided through more rigorous QA.
May 05, 2016 Rising Phoenix link
draugath - Thats well thought out, and something for myself to keep in mind while I dive into creating plugins. If you happen to choose not to update thisplugin, would you mind if I took it over? I personally see your plugin as something the VO devs could definitely implement as a feature of the game (for the sake of mobile users, I understand that the PC version already has a way to create sector notes). Hell, I did a google search attempting to find this exact plugin which led me here. And, as pizzasgood mentioned, I'm probably not the only one who has found themselves wanting to write a sector note and not having the ability to do so.

Micheal - Thanking someone for helping in the allivation of a problem is a good reason to bump ANY thread imo.
Jul 28, 2016 link
Great plugin, thanks!
Feb 24, 2017 Nyscersul link
I apologise in advance for my language...

But draugath, once again you fucking rock man! Cheers!
Feb 28, 2017 PaKettle link
@draugath - btw could you email me or perhaps post the correct way to access the chat portion of the display? Most of the methods I have seen are rather unsatisfactory for my purposes/tastes.