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Plugin suggestion - Spar

Apr 19, 2015 Savet link
As discussed on

With the implementation of training weapons, a plugin which tracks hits by weapon and displays damage dealt based on weapon type and hit count. This is all assuming that weapon type is somehow tied to the hit event, which I assume it is based on other plugins which are able to relay the weapon that makes a kill shot.

Suggested functionality:

/spar challenge <player name> <optional damage amount>

Initiates a sparring challenge against an opponent. Allows challenger to set an upper limit to virtual damage for short or long duration training sessions to determine a victor at a predetermined damage amount.

/spar accept

Self explanatory

/spar decline

Self explanatory

/spar end

Ends the sparring session. Can be invoked by either party

/spar review

Displays summary of sparring sessions from current game session.

Additionally, HUD could display current session data in real time.

/spar report <channel/guild/group>

Reports summary from last sparring session or current sparring session to indicated target channel.
Apr 24, 2015 VikingRanger link
This would probably need back door server support in order to send the /spar commands to both parties. Alternatively you could integrate with /honk or create your own custom sound to indicate a cutoff at a predetermined hull% or hit number. Perhaps a fight bell like in boxing for the start fight sound and a buzzer sound when the minimum % is reached by either party.