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Neon's custom skin

Mar 21, 2015 neon black link
Ive taken parts from spidey's awesome skin pack and done a little mixing, matching, and color tweaking to come up with my current skin. I'm still working on the PDA of it but so far I think the HUD looks pretty dope in conjunction with the plugins I use. Enjoy!

Hauling mode (limited HUD):

Arklan farming:


My baby:

Chat colors are as follows:
Active = white
secondary = grey
guild = purple
group = pink
PM send = matte green
PM receive = red
sector = lime green.

-Neon Black
Mar 22, 2015 abortretryfail link
Which plugin is that with the ammo counts on the left side?
Mar 23, 2015 vskye link
That's pretty awesome Neon. I'm be interested in trying it once your finished.
Aug 21, 2015 Patterner link
"The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address" :(
Aug 21, 2015 vskye link
Well, I'm not going to register on your website just to download it.

Guests do not have access to download attachments. Please log in and try again.
Aug 21, 2015 RoboticMechanicalJeb link
Post the file Black
Aug 26, 2015 vskye link
This link requires you to enter a email address to get a link to download the file. Sigh...

Try uploading this to:

And oh ya, rename the thing to vs Neon. :P
Aug 26, 2015 meridian link
Assuming you have no objections, Neon, I don't mind providing a mirror to your file:

Looks like the name was originally "Neon's" but got cutoff at the apostrophe...
Oct 14, 2015 neon black link
Updated link in OP