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Farm Aid

Feb 24, 2015 Death Fluffy link
Dropped items begin stacking once an area has been saturated with 16 drops of any item. This plugin means to capitalize on that by dropping 16 units of 'junk' into the area so that whether mining or farming, desired items immediately begin to stack.

The plugin when called will drop 16 units of each item held in the cargo hold depending on how many of each are on board. Suggested uses are to drop the units near where you want to mine or bot. If using a dent, I drop near the middle, but I don't think it really matters, because a drop at one end affects the drops at the other end.

This plugin is limited by the 15 minute lifespan of an untouched or unstacking drop. Keep this in mind for longer sessions as you may need to re 'seed' the area.

Future plans for this plugin are to create a timer that emits a warning at around 14:30, possibly adding an option to auto drop after 15 minutes, limiting the drop to only dropping one specific cargo item.

To use the plugin type /seed into the text field or bind 'seed' to a key or button.
Mar 17, 2015 Roda Slane link
I did not really want the plugin, so you don't need to change anything for me. But if I did want the plugin, I would not install an extension to my web browser just to get it. real programmers use github.
Mar 17, 2015 Pizzasgood link
Hmm. Actually it looks like the extension is optional. It just pops up a tab that you can ignore. Or at least, that was what it did when I tried in Chrome. From my more usual Firefox with no-script, it didn't even pop up a tab; it just behaved like a simple direct download.

But yeah, not sure why he'd use some silly and unnecessary service like that when he could just use voupr or github.
Mar 17, 2015 Death Fluffy link
I tested the link after uploading the file and did not get any ads nor was I required to install an extension. For the record I am not a real programmer and went with what seemed like the best (mostly because it was free) option after looking at the options a Google query displayed.