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Feb 15, 2015 tarenty link
A while ago the new default skin broke the buttons on the old ones, and the old skin thread is full of dead links and defunct skins, so I thought it might be time to make a new thread for them.

Since a lot of links (reportedly) are broken I have created a pack of all the skins I've collected over the years. I went through and fixed everything the updates had broken. I tested each skin, but I may have missed something; let me know if I did.

A couple of these are unfinished and finished ones by spidey, some were created for TGFT by Faustino Bashkir, a couple were Duncan's or VPR's in general, and I don't know the original sources of a number of them.

If anyone objects to me posting their skin, I'll reupload the pack without it.

If you have old skins that aren't in my pack or decide to make a new skin please post a download link and I'll update the OP with it.

If you have old skins and need to fix the buttons on it, these are the files that need to be renamed for them to work:

radio.png to radio_hires.png
radio_disabled.png to radio_disabled_hires.png
radio_bg.png to radio_bg_hires.png
check_bg.png to check_bg_hires.png
check.png check_hires.png
check_disabled.png to check_disabled_hires.png

Finally, here's a plugin that lets you change skins in-game:

Thanks draugath for helping me fix the old ones.

Nahin's Skin Pack:

Faustie's Skin Pack (Mac):

Feb 15, 2015 bojansplash link
Here is another one called 'Greyscale' I have been using around 2009.
Whoever wants to fiddle with it and fix it is welcome.
Feb 15, 2015 tarenty link
I fixed it and put a link in the OP.
Feb 15, 2015 vskye link
Thanks guys!
Feb 16, 2015 bojansplash link
Bummer, need a Mac OS X png batch converter to run all pngs thru before they can work on my Mac.
Feb 16, 2015 tarenty link
I do have a Mac version of Faustie's pack, but the others I don't. I'll upload it separately when I get a chance.
Mar 04, 2015 abortretryfail link
Dropbox is a great way to have broken links in a few months. Why not upload these to VOUPR?
Mar 15, 2015 Inevitable link
May 19, 2015 J37T3R link
In addition to this, I think it'd be a good idea to compile information about making skins into one place. I've only taken a few quick looks so far but I already see that most skins contain files that don't appear to be used, some contain files that are used but don't appear in other skins, and information in the stickied threads is scattered and of questionable completeness and relevance.

What would be great is if one of the devs would release a new template so we could have a definitive list of things, but barring that I could start trying to make an unofficial one probably sometime later this week.
Feb 19, 2018 Lord~spidey link
Fuuuuuck after all this time...

I could fix my sexy skins now!