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droidbuttons suggestion

Oct 02, 2014 Sterrre link
Draugath, do you think you could add an option to adjust field sensitivity? Your turning/strafing fields are too sensitive for small cell phones.
Oct 03, 2014 draugath link
The proper place to have posted this is in the DroidButtons discussion thread or on the DroidButtons issue tracker for which there are a buttons on the Support tab of the DroidButtons interface.

That said, I don't have any means of providing fine-tuned input control for the fields. You can enable or disable the "non-linear" mode by clicking it's checkbox. This provides some degree of multiplication to the movement, so it takes less finger movement to register a change on the field. But that's really your only option for sensitivity.
Feb 11, 2015 VikingRanger link
The Droid buttons thread seems to have timed out. I can't post on it. Is it possible to a sign a keyboard key function to a button with droid buttons? I am trying to set up a push to talk button for a VoIP out of game. Is this possible?
Feb 11, 2015 abortretryfail link
The game already had that functionality. See /bind in the game manual.
Feb 11, 2015 Pizzasgood link
I think he means he wants to use a third party VoIP instead of the one built into VO, and he needs to make the droidbutton button send the PTT signal to that program. (No, I don't know how you'd go about doing that short of setting up a server and generally going way out of your way; why not use VO's voice chat?)
Feb 13, 2015 Darth Nihilus link
VO's voice chat has notoriously leaked multiple conversations across different thank you my friend