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Apr 23, 2014 Pizzasgood link
HUM is a plugin originally developed by Pointsman. It provides two bits of functionality. The first is a simple and short notification when a ship enters or leaves the sector, or enters your proximity range. The second feature is that it colors all ships in the radar that are outside your proximity range green, and all ships inside it red. (As with all plugins that tamper with the radar, that interferes with "target nearest enemy" and such, and is not compatible with MakeFriends, DopplerHostility, et al.)

You can toggle whether HUM is active with the /hum command.

Here is the original:

I like HUM, but wanted something slightly fancier so I made a modified version. The first thing I did was change the '(+)' to '(++)', etc., for the sake of slightly improved visibility. I also like seeing which ships people are using, so I added optional support for displaying the player's ship type (you can toggle it with "/hum ship" if you think that's too spammy). I also wanted to be able to disable the modification to the radar for when I'm doing skirmishes, so I added a "/hum radar" command to toggle that. All settings (including whether HUM is enabled at all) are now saved in config.ini as well.

Use "/hum help" if you don't remember the commands.

This is the modified version:

You may find TargetButton to be helpful when using HUM, so that you can target the nearest ship even if it's outside your proximity range and therefor being treated as non-hostile by the radar. TargetButton makes no attempt to determine whether the nearest ship is actually an enemy, but you can tell it to ignore guild and group members, which I find is all the functionality I personally need.