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Feb 02, 2014 tuxdroid9 link
Is this plugin or similar still available?

The download link in the following thread leads to an empty zip file:
Feb 03, 2014 abortretryfail link
All of your chat messages get logged to the game's errors.log file already. If you want a specific channel, you could use a tool like grep to look for '[100]'
Feb 07, 2014 tuxdroid9 link
No, the idea is to filter out or separate different types of chat while in-game.

So you could have a tab that only displays group, or guild, or private, etc., making it much easier to read and keep track of, instead of having to scroll through a lot of unrelated chat dialog.

I've used similar in other games, it is incredibly handy.
Feb 08, 2014 meridian link
I've uploaded version 1.1 to VOUPR
Feb 08, 2014 tuxdroid9 link
Hey that's great, thanks
Mar 14, 2014 alphantomega link
Apr 03, 2014 alphantomega link
Small bugfix available to this problem:

There is an error where the channel window is visible, but it cannot be closed. Neither by clicking the close button nor by pressing escape. The only chance I had to get rid of the window was by forcefully disconnecting/restarting VO, or by doing an interface reload (prior done by: "/lua ReloadInterface()" but of date 2014-04-03 the "/lua" command doesn't work at all).

I wasn't able to reproduce that error condition by will, but I did get it often enough. Especially when doing a jump and opening the channel window, which then is closed by VO as the jump is performed. If you reopen the channel window in some unlucky moment, you will be stuck with that window.

I found a solution to this problem. Follow these steps:
* go to the plugin directory (in windows this might be:
c:\program files (x86)\Vendetta Online\plugins\channel_log
* open the "main.lua" file in an editor which shows the line numbers!
(By the way: even Windows' integrated "notepad.exe" supports this! Just enable the status bar and disable word wrap)
* go to line 118 (which is the line after "function CHANNEL.ui.Show()")
* insert following line and save the file.
* restart VO (or whatever it takes to reload the plugins)

With this 1-line-fix, I have always been able to get rid of the window, at least by hitting "Esc".

I did some "analyzing" of the Lua code and I think the problem is that the window is recreated everytime it is shown, instead of just hiding it and bringing it to the foreground. I don't know if this was done by accident or by design.

So, if the displayed channel window is hidden or closed by VO, and you reopen it - which creates a new window - the prior one stil exists, but the "Close" function/call isn't linked to the old one, anymore.

My assumptions might be wrong, but I am not that good in understanding Lua or the VO API.

My 1-line-bugfix most likely doesn't really fix the problem. So maybe everytime you use "/channel" to open a new window, the old window might be only hidden, not destroyed. That would mean that it still consumes memory or even CPU time.