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Design-A-Ship: The Revival

Jan 04, 2014 Pyroman_Ace link
The original Design A Ship Competition awarded millions of credits to the winner many years ago. Now in today's VO, with the clamor for new designs, etc, but the dev's being overworked and under-appreciated, we’re reviving it as a forum for the crowd-sourcing of new ship designs and ideas.

There is no promise that any designs that are submitted will ever be included in VO, but there is no harm in coming up with ideas for the Dev’s to consider.

-Only original ship designs should be submitted. Do not post other artist’s work without permission (and appropriate credit) and do not use ships from other games (although drawing inspiration is allowed, but use good judgement).
-No variations on existing ships should be submitted. This thread is for designing new content, not rehashing old. There are already threads under the “Suggestions” forum for tweaking changes.
-Designs may be any type of drawing, from hand-drawn concept sketches all the way up to fully actualized renderings.
-Stats are not required to be submitted, but a brief description of the ships envisioned role is highly encouraged.

The following classes are suggested as the basis of your design, however, you may do other classes as long as they are relevant to VO.
-Capital-class (Combat)
-Capital-class (Cargo)
-Gunship (Assault)
-Gunship (Multi-Role)
-Fighter (Multi-Role)
-Fighter (Interceptor)
-Fighter (Interdictor)
-Specialized Role

For the purposes of this design thread the following are some definitions:
-Interceptor: A ship designed for speed to overtake and engage enemy forces. Usually more lightly armored than an interdictor. (ex: Centurion Superlight)
-Interdictor: A ship designed for border or zone control activities. Heavier and slower than an interceptor. (ex: Serco Vulture Guardian)
-Multi-Role: A ship with balanced combat properties to conduct a variety of missions. A mainstay of the fleet. (ex: Warthog and Ragnarok)
-Assault: A ship designed with heavy-combat in mind, particularly fleet actions and large dog-fights. (ex: SkyCommand Prometheus)
Jan 04, 2014 draugath link
Jan 05, 2014 Pyroman_Ace link
Thanks Draugath. I was looking for that and couldn't find it to save my life.