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StarLight: SystemNotes enlightened.

Jan 03, 2014 tinbot link
Under Construction....
Jan 03, 2014 tinbot link
--[[ If you write a SystemNotes file in a format where it can be executed as a lua dofile, then you can read it anytime, even when not logged in, IF, you can find where it is stored. StarLight is a way to record where to find your SystemNotes files. StarLight data can be read at anytime. StarLight can even tell you when a character on your list has been deleted, so you can keep your list shining bright.
( See your SystemNotes, in a better light... StarLight! ) (background singing of the StarLight jingle here...)
...StarLight, Star Bright, For every file, I write tonight, Wish I may, Wish I might, Find my files, By StarLight...
Do you want to find character specific data across multiple characters? As you save your character specific data to SystemNotes, tell StarLight to add the character to your file list. Now you can find all your files! Just ask StarLight for the list! If you do not want to include the data for deleted characters, then ask StarLight which of your characters have been deleted since last log in, and keep your list pruned and groomed. Now your list includes only live characters!
( Shine some light on your SystemNotes, with StarLight! )
Do you want to find just one file? The latest one you wrote, no matter where you wrote it? No problem! When you write your file, tell StarLight to stop tracking the old file, and start tracking the new one. Now when you ask StarLight, it tells you where the latest copy is! Worried that the user might manually prune the directories of deleted characters, and your file with it? Check with StarLight, so you know when it is time to move your data.
( StarLight! The enlightened way to find your SystemNotes files. )
Use your imagination: How will you use SystemNotes files, now that you can find them, and read them, anytime you want.
StarLight, by TinBot. All Rights Reserved 2014, GPL v3, CC(by)(sa). As is, no warranties, expressed or implied.
Non binding limit of nine units per household, computer, client, character, and/or file, while supplies last.
Paid for by the committees for brighter data. I am TinBot, and I have endorsed this ad. (fade out...)
...StarLight, Star Bright, For every file, I write tonight, Wish I may, Wish I might, Find my files, By StarLight...
-- StarLight version 1.0: The enlightened way to find your SystemNotes. By TinBot.
-- StarLight:Add(id) Add the currently logged in character name to a list.
-- StarLight:Read(id) Return a list.
-- StarLight:Remove(id, [string | list ]) Remove string(s) from a list. default string is current character name.
-- StarLight:IsDeleted(id) Check your list against a list of characters deleted since the last character logged in.
-- the current character could have been deleted then recreated. process deleted characters before adding.
-- StarLight uses SystemNotes. Add and Remove will work only while a character is logged in.

-- to be continued...
Jan 03, 2014 TheRedSpy link
It's very cute that you've licensed your code but I'm not sure that gplv3 is compatible with cc by sa, I'm pretty sure that gplv3 is the more permissive of the two licenses anyway.
Jan 03, 2014 tinbot link
When software is multi-licensed, recipients can choose which terms under which they want to use or distribute the software. *
Jan 04, 2014 TheRedSpy link
That's very true, but the net effect of that is whichever license is more permissive will usually be the one used, there's really no need to multi-license gplv3 and ccbysa when the former is almost certain to be the one people want.. which is why its cute, like you've put it in there as a tagline or fancy marketing thingy.

It's the logo isn't it, those creative commons people sure know how to make things fancy!