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Aug 10, 2013 Sedina_ link
Hello everyone,

After returning to VO after a break and playing many different MMO's, it occurred to me we're not a very "chatty" bunch when it comes to things like being on TeamSpeak servers together (even when the in-game VC isn't leaking everywhere, we still rarely use it). A lot of MMO's do have these teamspeak servers that people enjoy basing a community around - and so I've set a dedicated teamspeak server up for a 3 month 'trial period' if you will, to see whether or not this is something that would benefit our community.

For this Sunday's NW and in general for VO players I am offering a public TS server for everyone to hop into if they like. For events like NW, people don't even need to talk/have a mic if they don't want too - they can just listen and I think (personally) it would really enhance the experience, and group combat will be even better than it is at NW currently.

I thought this would also be a nice addition for new players, where they can come on and ask questions about the game (sometimes its just that much easier) and potentially allow older guilds to recruit from this new player pool easier.

The server requires you to select your server group (which is your nation) and optionally a channel group (which is your guild tag) before you can join the other channels. Some channels (such as the 'team' channels in NW) you cannot get into, this is by design - in the event of a turnout for teamspeak comms on NW, an event organizer/server mod would move you into your channels so people can't switch between and grief the other teams :P.

I will be looking for trustworthy server mods in the event the server gets some use too, so if you feel up for that - be sure to let me know. Inevitably I will take a break from VO sometime in the future, as many of us do (and we always somehow come crawling back :P) and so it'd be nice to know there's some mods in place to carry on keeping the server safe.

It may be that we're simply 'not that type' of community, and we don't want to interact with each other via voice comms in a casual manner, as opposed to a group for a mission or playing the game from IRC :P. And if that's the case, so be it. I'm not making everyone use this server - it's going to be tested for 3 months to allow plenty of time for everyone to acknowledge it, and if its totally underused by that time I'll take it down. I personally am pretty excited to chat with fellow VO players ^.^.

On a final note - the server is in a somewhat 'testing' phase where I'm checking/tweaking all the server group/channel permissions and the DNS records have only been recently been put in place (about 24h ago). It is currently limited to 32 slots until I obtain an NPL (non-profit license) next week, after which it will be unlocked to 512 slots (more than we would need I would say). Below is a couple of screenshots if you're interested on the setup of the server.

To join the server, simple download Teamspeak 3 if you haven't already, and when connecting to the server put "" as the address.

Thanks all, let me know your thoughts below and hope to see you all on,

Aug 10, 2013 Kierky link
Aug 12, 2013 TheRedSpy link
Oh yeah, make a BR1 channel but don't make a RED one, I think we'll stick to our mumble server thanks!
Aug 15, 2013 abortretryfail link
The game already has TS built in. If i want to hear spidey and CrazySpence talk, I just use that.