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Cargolist Redux

Jan 15, 2014 alphantomega link
Hi there, thanks to you, Keller, for remaking the cargolist plugin. I just not installed it yet, but I will immediatly after writing this.

My point is: Your version of cargolist plugin is NOT listed anywhere e.g. at: (
Viper Plugin List (
The official forum's plugin thread (

These are the URLs where I searched for useful plugins, as a newb. I only found your "cargolist redux" thread because I was looking for a "bug fix" on the old cargolist plugin and used the google-based forum search.

So maybe you could do some "advertising"? Or someone add it to the Wiki? (Yeah, I know, I could wiki it.)

EDIT 2014-01-16: added to plugins page
Jan 16, 2014 alphantomega link
Hi Keller, hi everybody!

I tested cargolist redux (v1.2.7) and I stumbled upon the problem with scrambled text in the "Help" tab.

As I am currently learning LUA for editing (read: bug fixing ;-) ) existing plugins, I learned about strings here and here and C-like escape sequences (chapter "Escape Sequences").

This is a quick fix for (almost) EVERYBODY - just follow the instructions and don't be afraid if you got no LUA skills!
* Open file cargolist\ui\helpTab.lua in editor of choice.
* go to line 38, which is the line after:
\t/PreviousDropItem - Loops backwards through scanned items in the same way\n\t\tas /NextDropItem.]]
* add following lines of code:
text = text:gsub("\t", "") -- replace all tab characters with an empty string ("")
text = text:gsub([[\t]], "\t") -- replace all literal "\t" strings with a true tabstop
text = text:gsub("\n", "") -- replace all newline characters with an empty string ("")
text = text:gsub([[\n]], "\n") -- replace all literal "\n" strings with a true newline
* save file
* either restart VO _or_ execute "/lua ReloadInterface()" in the chat window
* to verify succes execute "/cargolist options" from the chat window; go to the help tab
* be happy that the help text is fine now ;-)

* WARNING! If there is a typo or some other sort of mistake in editing the .lua file, Vendetta WILL most likely CRASH. I had following symptom: I was starting Vendetta and when the progress bar (the load screen BEFORE you can login) reached about 80% - 90% it stopped for no reason. After switching back to Desktop (Alt+Tab or Win+Tab) a LUA error window had popped up IN THE BACKGROUND. Clicking ok in that error window, Vendetta stopped loading completely.
* SOLUTION: just restore the cargolist\ui\helpTab.lua from the file and you will be fine (either try again or be OK with the bug).

The code is not the prettiest (as I call the same command on "text=" 4 times) which isn't the best way to do, but good enough for a starter (read: noob ;-) ).

*** Oh, and this all is intended as a bugfix! Not as a rewrite of Keller's code!

EDIT: Alternative bugfix:
in your favourite editor (e.g. Scite, Notepad++) edit the string inbetween the square brackets [[]] (from line 6 to 37):
* remove all tabstops
* replace all (literal) "\t" with tabstops
* remove all newlines
* replace all (literal) "\n" with newlines
(edit: notepad++ is crap for doing this... :-(
To me, doing this in Lua code seems much easier!
Feb 01, 2014 Keller link
When I get back to this, a better fix is to use Lua's preformatted string operator.


local text = [[
This text will appear exactly as typed
including any tabbed indents you might add.

The help text was a mess to begin with. It's why the Cargolist Help.rtf file was provided. They say the same things.

Hope This Helps.