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Tithe plugin

Oct 28, 2007 blacknet link
OK this is a new plugin I just finished.

Say you sell 1,000 units of an item and make 1,234,000 profit on it. It will take the user set percent and deposit that into the guild bank with the item named as a description.

I included a 'baseline' credit amount, this means you must have over the baseline amount in order for it to tithe, default is 2,000,000 credits

The percent can be a fraction (0.01) to 100% and your choice, default is 10%.

Tithe (1.0)auto sends tithe to guild bank.
/tithe stats for statistics
/tithe off (disables)
/tithe on (enables)
/tithe percent xx (sets the percent to tithe)
/tithe baseline xx (if your credits below this amount it will not tithe)

[10/28/07 22:16:53] 39x of Cargo sold for a total amount of 1016c (profit of 1016c)
[10/28/07 22:16:53] *** 101 c has been deposited into the guild bank.
[10/28/07 22:16:53] 101 credits deducted from your account.

Oct 30, 2007 Whytee link
taxes arrived in VO....

I hope that the other certainty, Death will not;)

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Nov 01, 2007 Demonen link