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Qeen kill count in Lua?

Aug 07, 2007 JJPro link
In Lua, I need to get the number of killed queens for
- my own character or
- a character where I have the charid/who is in the same station/same sector/whatever (probably not possible?!?)

Is there a function for this? I checked the API on the racecar-wiki but haven't found any reference to queens there.

Similar might be interesting:
- amount of Levi kills
- number of prospecting missions done
- completed badges and their exact numbers (e.g. 200 cu Denic left for Denic Mining II)



edit: sorry for the typo in the heading
Aug 07, 2007 mr_spuck link

I don't know off hand what the id for queen kills is though
Aug 07, 2007 JJPro link
cool thanks, I will try that.