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Alpha online trade database

Aug 05, 2007 samuel.penn link
After spending some time yesterday ripping apart Scuba Steve's scripts to figure out how lua worked, and making use of firsm's http interfaces, I now have a (very alpha) trade database in operation.

Basically, when you dock with a station it grabs information about what the station sells, and sends it (via HTTP) to a Tomcat server, where some Java code writes it to a database. That database can then be browsed at:

It still needs a lot of work, not least of which would be security to try and identify crap data being added. It also currently only deals with commodities - it would be nice if it also recorded ships and equipment.

Any suggestions on how to better display prices etc welcomed (the average is currently the average you can buy something for the sell price is how much you can sell it for here, which I think is only available if you actually have the item to sell).

At some point I'd like to add some web-servicey interfaces, so an lua script could, for example, query what items are in demand at a station when you plot a course to it.

btw, this sort of thing has the potential to really change how visible station prices are (though how uptodate it is would depend on how many people are using an addon to record prices). For this reason, I'd really like a dev to say whether they're happy for this sort of thing to be done before I go much further, or start making the addon publically available.

Be seeing you,
Aug 05, 2007 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Doesn't VOKB already do this? Not that this wouldn't be really cool with some work, maybe convince firsm to let you help with vokb?
Aug 05, 2007 samuel.penn link
What's VOKB? Other than the sourceforge site which I grabbed firsm's code from, I've never heard of it before. There doesn't seen to be much on SF which says what it actually is.

So, in answer to your question, I've no idea.

(I was going to add "and this is where people tell me I've re-invented the wheel" at the end of my first post, but decided against it. Ho hum.)
Aug 05, 2007 firsm link
Yeah it does that among other things. I'm planning to release it in the near future (1-2 weeks). Here's a preview image:

And the same thing on the web:
Aug 05, 2007 samuel.penn link
Yeah, finally found a link to (you should set the homepage in the sourceforge project to point to Looks like I was re-inventing the wheel, and given how far ahead vokb is, there doesn't seem to be much point me continuing.

Oh well.
Aug 06, 2007 Demonen link
Redundant or not, it's still great work.