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cool pics

Jul 19, 2007 mr bean link
ok i tried to make this thread a long time ago, but only one person put pics on.
so someone suggested i get the ball rolling with some pics of my own, but i didnt have any, until now that is. so its basically real life screenshots or "pictures" that youve taken and think are pretty cool. so i guess ill get the ball rolling now.
Jul 20, 2007 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
This should be in offtopic.
Jul 20, 2007 mr bean link
i put it here because itll last longer
i mean you can go back 2 years in 2 pages here
Jul 20, 2007 Scuba Steve 9.0 link
Right, except it's not related to VO. Thusly, off-topic. And I use these forums and having people get the idea from you that they can create junk threads here "because it moves slowly" would rub me in all the wrong ways.
Jul 23, 2007 Touriaus link
Don't nitpick
Aug 23, 2007 Capt.Waffles link
Tthe picture of the Mola Mola skeleton is upside down. Sorry to nitpick.
Aug 23, 2007 mr bean link
i know
lots of pictures were upside down for some reason when i wanted to look at them.