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the [PA] roda bitch template

Apr 02, 2007 mr bean link

[Link edited. Some of the language for the template violated Guild's policy on verbal abuse. This is more of an Anti-Community Project.]

/edit: Link reinstated below, now that it no longer violates Guild's policy:
Apr 04, 2007 SCAR X link
Apr 05, 2007 yodaofborg link
I Lol'ed!
Apr 05, 2007 SCAR X link
Instead of running they should come at me in moth XCs only.
Apr 05, 2007 moldyman link
I have yet to see a player get infamous enough to have this done for them. Expt this of course.
Apr 05, 2007 mr bean link
this one is just too good

Instead of disagreeing with my neoconservative viewpoints regarding sociopolitical issues they should pay me to stop bitching on 100
Apr 13, 2007 moldyman link
If BotH comes back, you could always expand the template. Include such favorites as:

Dr. Lecter
Ayn Eziert
And more!
Apr 18, 2007 Dr. Lecter link
Hey, don't associate me with [BotH] in any way, shape or form.
Apr 22, 2007 Roda Slane link
hehe. I havn't bothered to look, but it must be good for those that have no other outlet.

I wonder how frustrated you have to get to start attacking someone outside the game. lol. i must be doing a good job.
Apr 26, 2007 smittens link
Are you sure you haven't looked at it yet Roda? I'm pretty sure they have something like "People make fun of me because I'm so awesome"...
May 08, 2007 Dr. Lecter link
I am the perpetual emo victim and n00bs ganked me because they suck at saying yes to giving me head.

I lol'ed
Sep 01, 2007 Roda Slane link
I am some what disturbed that this thread is getting buried. I view the fact that someone actually went to the trouble to create a program (that is otherwise completely unrelated to the game) just to make fun of me as a sign that I am doing a great job of picking on lamers (pronounced "lame'urs", not "lam'ears"). Have I fallen down on the job of booming bullies and cowards?
Sep 01, 2007 Shadoen link
meh, dont have java installed. Is it worth it?
Sep 02, 2007 Syylk link
No, it's not.

There's a link on top of that URL to access the page described in this thread.

The braindead idiot who edited the OP left the base URL in place, thinking it was fun to amputate the address and redirect users somewhere else.
Sep 04, 2007 csgno1 link
Gee Syylk, what did you do with the money your mom gave you for charm school?
Sep 05, 2007 MSKanaka link
To the URL at top, add "cgi-bin/".

If the VO forums are following LJ's example (as this thread appears to be) then there isn't anything wrong with posting the second half of the link. I mean, it sure as hell isn't a valid URL on its own now is it?

I agree with Syylk. If you're going to "fix" a URL in accordance with Guild's policy, remove the entire link altogether. And for the record, that template barely even touches things that violate the policy on verbal abuse--NOTHING in that template didn't come from Roda's mouth himself ingame; it's just jumbled up--unlike a large portion of posts on this forum that not only explicitly violate said policy, but are left alone. Most of those posts don't even have URLs in them.
Sep 05, 2007 Syylk link
Not to mention that the snippets related to "head", which apparently violated the TOS and corrupted oh so many virgin children ears, have been commented out of the script.

Did I say "head" in this post? Oh, didn't realize it. My bad, sue me for that.

Anyway, any reference to head is removed from the templates. Replaced with the rants in this thread.

Sep 08, 2007 Dr. Lecter link

Bookmark it already, before someone else gets their panties in a knot.
Sep 12, 2007 Roda Slane link
I'm glad to see that I once again inspire hatred in the hearts of cowards and bullies, to the point that they will direct their emotions to efforts outside of the game. This is a strong indicator that suck personalities are not just rp, but are actual reflections of rl peoples' deficiencies. If someone could post a list of what other mmorpg these people play, it would be fun to go and crush them in those as well. Thank you for your continued support!
Sep 12, 2007 smittens link
Roda, I don't think anyone here actually think's your as stupid as you pretend to be. No one is that much of a dick. I think it's just that we're all mystified about how it gives you enjoyment to parade around as a dumbass and get people to hate you. Being the asshole can be fun for an hour or two in a game where you'll never meet the same people again, but in a tightly nit community, and for hours a day (more hours than most likeable people play)? TIFU