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Seeking beta testers for distributed VO server

Apr 02, 2007 who? me? link
Apr 02, 2007 GRAIG link
Yeah! lolů
Apr 02, 2007 mr bean link
you really got me uc, i was thinking "WTF IS GOING ON!?"
nice one
Apr 02, 2007 FatStrat85 link
Very good job, upper case. I think you had a lot people crossing their fingers and hoping it was legit (more than will actually admit it). Very funny.
Apr 02, 2007 ctishman link
Well done!
Apr 02, 2007 LeberMac link
uc said: Leebs, shame on you for even doubting a moment about this. You *KNEW* VOiD was that bot I was making last year. :-)

Well YEAH I knew that, but you'd been busy with your coding and tinkering and we hadn't talked in a while and I just figured you were busy with RL when all of a sudden you post this and I was like WTF - is THIS what he's been working on? But then I said "Bah! UC would never attempt something like this" but then you seemed really serious and posted that screengrab which frankly didn't make sense to me and I got worried again and fell for your april fool's joke and now here you are saying I should be ashamed.


Good One, uc. I admit to having raised an eyebrow.
Apr 02, 2007 upper case link
Yay! People with a sense of humour!
Apr 02, 2007 mdaniel link
On april 1 I dont even bother watching the news or reading my RSS feeds. No time to figure out whats true and what isnt. Nice try though.
Apr 02, 2007 MasterOfPower link
I wish you weren't kidding... that would be so f**king awesome with all that new stuff applicated into the existing server. *sigh*
Apr 02, 2007 Aleksey link
Apr 02, 2007 MasterOfPower link
... *rambles on about something* ...
Apr 02, 2007 MasterOfPower link
*laughs in your face*
Apr 02, 2007 incarnate link
*moves it to community projects*