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Nov 27, 2006 Demonen link
Cro Ralee and Zathras brings you:


Cro Ralee:

Especially tailored to fit the VO forums (where else would it be used?!) and as light-weight PNG files as I could get it.

Comments? Suggestions? Flames?
Nov 27, 2006 moldyman link

I was going to make a font for it soon, actually.
Nov 27, 2006 Demonen link
You're welcome, but this is not a font. There is a font, tho. It's listed on the Wiki, I believe.

This tarball holds all the symbols
I can also make more in any color, just tell me the hexacode for it. :)


BTW, if the background is white on the PNGs, it's because your browser is inferior.
Get a better browser!
Nov 27, 2006 ThinkHen link
Wow this is cool. Any chance we can have it in red? CC0000

I notice there may be a slight problem with it though. "Nautargos" contains "go" in the name, which registers as the "go" symbol. Of course this is easy to change to "g" and "o", but I imagine I'm not the only one that'll have this problem.

Nov 27, 2006 MSKanaka link
For clarification, the green symbols are "uppercase", right?

Or is there some other way to change the colors using just the Maker?

(wee, this is fun! Thanks, Zath!)
Nov 27, 2006 slime73 link
Nov 27, 2006 Lexicon link
Oh, lord. Hahahaha.
You do know that the purpose of language is to COMMUNICATE, right? Not obfuscate?
Nov 28, 2006 Demonen link
As for the problem with symbols versus letters, just add spaces and strip them off afterwards.
Colors directly in the Maker would need too much CPU, but I might give a few selections.

ThinkHen: Here's a #CC0000 image set

MSKanaka? "uppercase"? There is no case difference.

Lexicon: This is not for communication, but for fun. I imagine it's nice for the RP forum, perhaps.
Also, there's always the GTS Reader.

Oh, and slime, that would be something like

Literal translation would be "Nation of Itan", but it's not really "Nation" as much as "group" or "guild" in this context.

GTS is very fuzzy in nature, in order to cover more, and translate quickly into usable pieces on a sign.
It's not much for communication.

I've updated the GTS maker to have more colors built-in.
Black ... not very visible here
Nov 28, 2006 Scuba Steve 9.0 link

Awesome, Demonen.
Nov 28, 2006 Demonen link
Nov 29, 2006 mr bean link

, C C !
Nov 29, 2006 Demonen link
Haha, as Lexicon pointed out, this is useless for communication.
Also, there is no C in GTS, no comma and no exclaimation mark.

For those of you that have symbols in your names (Like "Nautargos" having "go" in it), I've added "Name mode" to the GTSMaker.
Name mode gives G and O, not the symbol for GO, for example.

That turned out to be a very poor solution.
I decided on a {symbol} syntax instead.


Nov 29, 2006 raybondo link
Heh, that rules.

I noticed that the gts on the wiki site has a couple of errors. I'll have to get them to fix it.
Nov 30, 2006 Dark Knight link
I have a GTS font I grabbed off some site... It may have been Cunjo's, I don't remember.
Dec 01, 2006 smittens link
Even though I don't play and would have no use for this, it's really cool, nice job Demonen! It's people like you who contribute that make this such a great community
Dec 01, 2006 MSKanaka link
Ray: what sort of errors?
Dec 01, 2006 ThinkHen link
Woo this rocks, thanks for the red.

Dec 02, 2006 drazed link
Just found this. Awesome Demonen!!!

/givemoney Demonen 500000

Contact me ingame if you actually want the credits, they are well deserved :)

Dec 02, 2006 Demonen link
Hehe, I just might take you up on that offer drazed, my character Cro Ralee is currently very poor :(

Thanks for the great response, guys.

Now, what about those errors? Any errors in the Wiki would translate directly into my script as I've based it all on the PNGs there.
Dec 05, 2006 bojansplash link
Really impressive. Kudos Zathras. :)