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Nov 22, 2006 Cunjo link

Okay, so I got the video ripper working, but it turns out it rips to some rediculous uncompressed format that requires the FRAMS codec to view... not very handy. I can convert clips to XviD to make them managable, but that leaves the "DivX Video" watermark in the corner... so here's a question: I have limited HD space, and so can't store hundreds of gigs worth of video clips for cutting and making a gameplay video... is there any way I can compress them to an at least slightly smaller and more universal format without defacing them until I can cut them into a longer vid?
Nov 23, 2006 Snax_28 link
Video actually archives quite well. I just archived most of the cpatured and final renders from a film I shot last spring (digital video), and on average I was saving about 20-30%. That just off the top of my head, but yeah that's one way.

Also, you may want to either try another program or try to get that one to record to a different format. If you're only recording to half NTSC Resolution (360x240), then you should not be anywhere near a gig a minute for file size. Even if it's uncompressed it should only be about 200-300 mb/minute.

To bad you're on a PC. There are some fantastic video capture programs for mac that I know do what you want them to.
Nov 24, 2006 Cunjo link
It was roughly 50MB for a 20-second capture at 800x600 prior to XviD compression. Recording at half size makes chat completely illegible and severly decreases overall quality.
Nov 24, 2006 Snax_28 link
That's only 150mb a minute. That's really not that bad. You're only talking about roughly 9 gigs for an hour worth of video.

But if you are looking for more compression, if can get Quicktime Pro (legally it's only around $25), then you can get access to the H.264 codec, which is imo the best web format out there right now. Just go to apple's quicktime trailer site to see the quality.
Nov 25, 2006 terribleCabbage link
Cunjo: "Da Snipa"? You were practically on top of him when you fired. :\
Nov 25, 2006 who? me? link
or you could download "iSquint" its free and does some of the stuff quicktimepro does.