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Bye All, I am quitting

Oct 18, 2006 everal link
Bye All, I am quitting

I didn't liked the new interface, specially the 'Distance' font letter... it is SO LITTLE. In any game I saw in my life, if I select some enemy, if it is in my target, the info I get will be about it... but here we have the distance to the nothingness, instead of the obvious.

Then we have the 'Distance' at the top-right... but with the new changes it bacame VERY SMALL, and it sucks to try to read it between all the other info, and since one can't fight if the enemy isn't in the correct didtance, that makes it complicated.

Of course one can take off all the other info, and stay only with the Distance, but that would be stupid, sunce it wouldn't be there at first...

Every time they include a new function, the hud becomes more and more complicated, ugly, and very hard to use.

And that is simple BAD DESIGN. People here who played E&B will remember that we had like 200 more stuff to do in that game, and the interface was easy, logic, functional and nice... here they can't even handle to obvious and basic.

The only reason to be here was that this is the only game for linux I could find. But it is enogh for me.

Not the only.. I liked to knew you all and had some fun, in the limitation of doing the same and same and same and same again and again and again and again... And you can see that amost all plays other games also, like EVE and other stuff like that.

I will see if I buy a windows machine and start playing more games. This are the kind of problems we have with linux, but 'helas'... I was plein of bad pc crashing every day, and just stoped using windows.. now I am plein with bad entertainement option with linux, and at least as game station I will get a win box, and maybe I see you over ther in other games...

It was a pleasure to meet you all...

bye bye
Oct 18, 2006 Harry Seldon link
Uh, I think Incarnate said in the other thread that it was going to be changed. And that everything was going to be customizable.

In fact, I seem to remember people complaining about it existing at all, and Inc said it would be disableable or something...

Ah yes.

I intend to keep the HUD distance bar roughly where it is by default. However: 1) I support having an option that moves it to the bottom (or something like that). 2) I intend to tone down the HUD textures a little more.. they're still too "vibrant". I think this will help with the general "clutter" feeling, when things are a little more transparent.

I think you're overreacting. Though, if this is just a troll, I supposed I just fed it.
Oct 18, 2006 Dr. Lecter link
Yawn. Dude, if that's your thing, whatever.
Oct 19, 2006 LeberMac link
Who was this guy? everal?
Oct 19, 2006 slime73 link
Oct 19, 2006 LeberMac link
Never seen or heard of this guy. Well, have fun playing EVE, Everall! And remember:

"Quitters Never Lose!"
Oct 19, 2006 moldyman link
I've seen him around. Anyway, I have to do it, the urge is overpowering...

Oct 27, 2006 Axis.Master link
dude if you're gonna quit, just say your quitting and something like have fun. Don't trash talk the game. It's a good game and if you don't like it, who cares? We don't. The Devs put tons of time into this game and then you trash talk it. Well have a nice life.
May 27, 2007 hillbillycrow link
Good luck with EVE, it's of note that I have just come from there myself.
Cancelled my account over the (latest) unpleasantness and favoritism.
I'm Hoping to find a better community and Devs HERE!
Oh and hello all. : )
May 27, 2007 zamzx zik link
Wow, that's good that you joined. But just for future reference, unless you have something really important to add to a old thread, it's kinda a 'no no' to bring them back from the dead.

Though, on second thought, it doesn't really matter on this fourm.

Welcome aboard!
May 27, 2007 mr bean link
i wish people would state their problems and talk with the devs about it before they quit. it doesnt help anyone if they just leave before anything can be done about the issue.
May 27, 2007 moldyman link
State their problems so others can get one last flame in?
May 27, 2007 jexkerome link
I wish there were more rare widgets in this game, so whenever one of this threads came up I could say:

May 27, 2007 MSKanaka link
Epic lewtz?
Jun 09, 2007 Aleksey link
Gief gief gief!