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indexing of RP threads??

Sep 19, 2006 thurisaz link
okay, I sort of follow the last six months or so...

first Lecter, then Mogul, then Leber-ITAN, -TGFT, and -CLM

..still I can't help but feel I'm missing something?'s what a quick search turned up, by date of first post:

Prototype NTK-11:

[ITAN] Election Irregularities!:

Operation Firestorm:

One is two if Three is Blue:

Passing of a Legend:

When Pigs Fly:

Apostasy for Dummies:

..was Mogul's plot in-game only? how many threads am I missing??
Sep 21, 2006 MSKanaka link
If you include logs and non webstory-style threads, then there are a lot more... I've listed them in chronological order in each section:

Logs and Diaries:
Watashi no Zai Ai no Yukinari no Tameno Author: MSKanaka
Personal Log of Borb the Second Author: Borb II
The Way of the Rail Author: terjekv
STORY Author: smittens
The Personal Log of Lahmi Stukov Author: Borb II
A Day in the Life of Eize Ryda Author: break19
A Man's Pain Author: macguy
Rest, Rousing, Realization and Returns Author: LeberMac
El Comienza de una Cosa Nueva Author: Corbin Armond
Jex Kerome- According to the UIT Archives Author: jexkerome
Jex Kerome's Take on the Chronicles of Exile Author: jexkerome
A Bunch of Short Stories from the Monk Author: moldyman
Night Author: jexkerome
Koi ni Shishou Nashi Author: MSKanaka
Mar Ani Mansfield's Selected Logs Author: FSNI
Requiem Author: Utnapishtim
This is Where I Come From Author: The Teller
Personal Time... Author: leapfrog
22nd Pass Author: LordofBlades
Opening of a Chrysalis Author: Eo's Shameful Daughter
Hidden Things Author: nioubi
The Nuts and Bolts of Things: Logs by Miles Prowler Author: moldyman
A Bunch of Short Stories from the Monk Author: moldyman
Of Men and Monsters Author: Borb II
Manhunt! Author: moldyman
The Story of Quirc Taranis Author: Quirc
Vaal'Ok Dasmar Author: Vaal'Ok Dasmar

The Parable of the Merchant Author: Spellcast
The Parable of Two Families Author: Spellcast
Growing Pains Author: Spellcast
A Prophet in his Times Author: Chao
Still Teaching Author: Spellcast
The Structure Binding Device Author: KAos_nyrb
Skin of My Teeth Author: ananzi
My Adventures in CtC Author: Borb II
It was a Lonely Day in Space... Author: softy2
The Hit Author: tramshed
A Power in the Universe Author: tramshed
It's Been One of Those Days... Author: terjekv
A Letter Home Author: DavidEPurvis
A Mercenary Author: Shapenaji
Trooper Mogul Velaio, Mid-January 4433 Log Author: mgl_mouser
Countdown Author: Spellcast
The Merchant from Ayvi Author: Moby Dick
A New Role Author: CrippledPidgeon
Report Notes, Day 16 4433 Author: Spellcast
Urgent Transmission: to IDF Commanders and Itani Nation Defenders Author: mgl_mouser
Personal Log 11/25/4432 "Automation" Author: Apex
Tunguska News Author: Sun Tzu
A Story from the Vendetta Universe by Tehnare Author: docommer1
OK it was a Bad Idea Author: ananzi
Serco "Cultural Exchange" Special Project; Duty Report Author: Spellcast
Personal Log 01/12/4433 "The First" Author: Apex
Upbringing of a Killer -one of two- Author: Apex
Hellofapilot Author: spacejammer
Cromwell Squadron Notes {img} Author: mgl_mouser
Overheard at a Bar in Helios Author: dbradhud
Overheard at a Bar in Initros Author: dbradhud
Hardest Crates Ever Author: ananzi
Upbringing of a Killer -two of three- Author: Apex
Too Much Adventure Author: Cron Lennan
Att: UIT Border Guardians and Citizens Author: Beamrider
[No Subject] Author: Scuba Steve 9.0
The Story of Holden Caulfield Author: softy2
Overheard at a Bar in Eo Author: dbradhud
The Shanty of Ol' JackRum Author: JackRum
I'm Too Sexy for My Moth Author: Obsidian
It's Great to Trade With the T-G-F-T Author: Obsidian
The Akanese Author: CCB
DA' RULES Author: Obsidian
Taso Sla's Blog Author: Grzywacz
The New Gal Author: Borb II
The Gauntlet is Thrown Down Author: Obsidian
The Story of iTripped (not the one from Beta) Author: iTripped42
BLAK.HELL Version 2.0 Author: iTripped42
The Serco Noobs Song ---- #1 in Metana! Author: runlevel0
More STORY That's Not an RP (Chronicles of Smittens) Author: smittens
The Current Adventures of Smittens Author: smittens
Flyin' in TGFT Author: Screwball
The Flyers of Old Earth Author: The Riddler
War Stories: Serco 204th Pursuit Squadron Author: CCB
White versus Black Author: leapfrog
Every Normal Man... Author: Dr. Lecter
In Your Honor Author: Death Maker
Mogul Velaio, IDF Council; Aug 4433 Ship Log Author: mgl_mouser
The Start of Day Author: MysticRogue
A Letter Home Author: mgl_mouser
An Unanswered Plea Author: Ghost
Sir? Good, You're Awake Author: ibcm1987
Me, Joyce, and the Spike- some logs (looong) Author: jexkerome
REWARD Given Out for Info Leading to Stolen Centurion MkII Author: mgl_mouser
To Toine Velaio Abductors: A Plea for Respect of Life Author: mgl_mouser
The Eternal Struggle Author: A-Dawg
Bohemian Rhapsody, VO STYLE! Author: MSKanaka
Botties by a Bored Guy at Work Author: Corbin Armond
A Quick Intro Author: Overhauler
The Collected Pranks of Seta the Space Monkey (for the low low price of $19.99! Order now) Author: moldyman
I, Utnapishtim Author: Utnapishtim
Note Left on the Door of the Makchuga Author: Borb II
Operation: Strike Fear Author: Iongar
Lecter Behind Bars Author: Ghost
SKV Transfers Lecter to ITAN Custody Author: Ghost
Ye Olde Poste Mortem Author: JackRum
Lonely Author: mgl_mouser
Forgive me Mar... Author: Papasan Mani Mansfield
Woodstock Museum of Ships Author: Woodstock
REI Puts Factions on Notice Author: RelayeR
The Trader's Tale Author: Obsidian
"These Are Not Your Issues" Author: upper case
Merchant Meets Combat Author: MobyDick
Combat Ops Author: Klabbath
Combat Ops - Chapter Two Author: Klabbath
Combat Ops - Chapter Three Author: Klabbath
Combat Ops Chapter Four - Delayed Author: Klabbath
For the Cog - Summation of an Alternate Dominion Philosophy to the Vaunted "Lady Serco" Author: Lemon Lime

Co-op RPs:
The Threat of the Borb Collector Started by: Lonestar00
Operation Toasted Marshmallow Started by: dbradhud
A New Mission Started by: Death Maker
The Hive Started by: Ghost
We Shall Overcome Started by: MSKanaka
***5 MILLION CREDIT REWARD*** Started by: everman7
Missing Nanites Started by: Fnugget
Answering Machine Started by: moldyman
ITAN Lecter Investigation: Fact-Finding Thread Started by: mgl_mouser
Order of Eo's Toleration for the Akanese Insurgent Terrorists Started by: Aequitas' Talon
Lecter Trial Verdict Started by: mgl_mouser
The Truth Started by: Touriaus
[ITAN] Election Irregularities Started by: LeberMac
Rotten Egg Gets His Money Started by: Oernon Karun
Operation Firestorm Started by: Dr. Lecter
Trading 101... Started by: Screwball
News Item: Intercepted Communication by CNN Started by: mdaniel
One is Two if Three is Blue Started by: smittens
Passing of a Legend Started by: smittens
Parting Ways Started by: A-Dawg
Visit to a Pit Started by: MysticRogue
When Pigs Fly Started by: dbradhud
The Rise of Anevitt Trading Co. Started by: Anevitt
Apostasy for Dummies Started by: LeberMac
Pirate Hunt (In a Good Way) Started by: 1st Down
Bureaucrats Started by: Borb II
The Chase Started by: Ghost
[blip] Automated Sequence Initiated Started by: mgl_mouser
At What Cost Started by: Borb II
WANTED Started by: drdoak007

Flops that were eaten by an Orun Collector (some of these we wish still were going):
A Rising Darkness Started by: Harrison Pitts
The Ardgall Chronicles Started by: Snax_28
It's Song Time With Borb! Started by: icmb1987
My Life's Work... Started by: JestatisBess
Story: Dynamic Emergence Started by: Starfisher
Prototype NTK-11 Started by: smittens
Galaxy Annie Articles Started by: drdoak007
Deadly Shadows Started by: FreedomBird
Sep 21, 2006 upper case link
a lot of mogul's plot was in-game with rp threads used to set background info/storyline that some might actually like. think of them as bonus tracks.

i'm in the process of accumulating some more stories around that and there stuff still under development. i just haven't had much time.

mskanaka did a good wrap ups of many things but given new stuff is on the way, i'll see if i need to regroup some stuff in here.

this post will self destruct soon to stay on topic.


thuriaz, your timeline for the mogul stuff is missing a link to the lonely thread (see in mskanaka's list). the "lonely" thread predates the "firestorm" thread.

there there are all of mogul's logs predating [itan] but that is only preambule to the character and not actually part of the "mogul saga" per say.
Sep 23, 2006 moldyman link
Stickify this! And move it to the Roleplay forums! So many good stories
Sep 23, 2006 Aleksey link
I think it would be posted to wiki, so the list could be expanded easily

GJ, Miharu
Nov 09, 2006 moldyman link
Can we keep the list updated? Maybe sticky too... so useful :)~
Nov 10, 2006 MSKanaka link
Yeah. I'll update it and put another copy in the RP forums this afternoon. That work well for everyone else? >_>
Nov 11, 2006 Whistler link
That's nice work!

I'll sticky it in RP when an updated copy arrives there..
Nov 16, 2006 Dr. Lecter link
Shouldn't all of FreedomBird's threads be in that Orun catagory? I mean, it does say flops.
Nov 16, 2006 who? me? link
yeah. and what happened to my little debate thread? it wasnt listed.

fine, i'll list it myself
Nov 17, 2006 moldyman link
Who, it's an index of stories by roleplayers. Not, uh, debates of game mechanics...
Nov 21, 2006 moldyman link
Anywho, mind adding this to ze wiki, ala:
Nov 26, 2006 MSKanaka link